Walking Dead Spoiler Feb 8th


The show starts with an open field full of zombies…after 5 minutes of an open field full of zombies the director says “cut” and sends an assistant to get the actors out of their trailers and onto the set.

The actors are not in their trailers, or even on the lot.  Due to the 6 month gap between airings, and general monotony, stupidity and predictability  of the show they have all lost interest and forgot it was back on the air…much like the rest of us.

The old broad is now doing work as a body double for Jamie Lee Curtis in the diarrhea commercials after being turned down for the part of “old broad in a bathtub” in a Viagra commercial.

The kid in the sheriffs had…now well past puberty is a DJ at a strip club, where he regularly gets laid by strippers by using his fiction character’s experiences  to relate to their “daddy issues”.

The guy with the crossbow has a point/counter segment on Foxnews focusing on Washington DC politics , facing off with Ted Nugent.  The segment is called “huntin’ on the Hill”

The Asian guy has given up explaining he was not the Asian kid from Indiana Jones and now appears at comic book conventions signing autographs as the kid from Indiana Jones.

The Black Girl with the samurai sword has returned to her first love…the stage and is currently playing Othello in London.

The sheriff shaved hIs beard and is now a stunt double for Jarrett ON the subway sandwich commercials.  Sometimes on the set he covers his face with the Italian sauce and pretends to bite the throats out of interns.  It always gets a big laugh.

After receiving the news the director just films the zombies in the field for an hour in black and white, dubs in a monologue about monsanto and submits the film to the sundance film festival.

this concludes our broadcast day.


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