News March 9th

I am busy … so i will be brief.

Dan con 2012 was actually very very good. 

Comicdon Con 2012 in Greece is right around the corner…I will have a exclusive mini comic made up just for this show!  So if you are a Greek and can stop throwing rocks long enough to check out the convention, you will want to get one of the mini comics.  Registration for my instructional discussion panel there has long since filled up and there is a waiting list.  BUT I will be on a comics and animation panel and have a Q and A panel as well and it believe there is no registration for that you just make sure you show up before it fills up.

C2E2, MNCBA springcon and Phoenix Comicon are after that.

Like I said, busy.  Looking forward to summer…there will be new cartoons (finally) and…you lucky devils…a new issue of Arsenic Lullaby.  See, when I send stuff to Mad Magazine they often turn down the harsher, more despicable things…and why let them go to waiste?  more info on that later .

two last things

1-we are in Mad Magazine right now and you e-mailing them how MF’n great we are will help alot towards getting them to take the more despicable things i send…thus getting us more pages per issue , thus saving Mad magazine and bringing it back to it’s past glory singlehandedly.

2-coupon code – evil – is still in effect (get’s you 6.66 off your order…i know , not that clever)  …because i forgot to delet it…so you can still use it until Joe figures out it is still on and changes it to something else that isn’t very clever.

links of note

you can friend my on FB – Douglas Paszkiewicz Illustrator.

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