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Well…I continue on with this page, knowing full well it may crash again.  In the meantime here is what you should know for the week of March 1st.

This week’s coupon code is – evil –   if you type that in at checkout at our online store you get $6.66 off of your order. Yeah…I know, not that clever.   Scratch and dent copies of the ten year collection are available for you cheapskates, as well as undented copies for you collectors.  But I will warn you; the longer I am in possession of these boxes the more dented copies I will have.   Also added this new print..ain’t it neat?

There is a NEW podcast up this week, it was this first one in like a month so…i was a bit rusty, but next week I will have a guest.  New blogs coming also.  All that is at

CONVENTION TIME!!  The first show of the year is in a couple of day, you lucky devils in Illinois get to see me first!

 March 4 Orland Park, IL

Dan Con 

The promoter of this show is so full of nerve that he named it after himself. That is reason enough for us to attend this shows second year. It is small but well run and a nice warm up for the convention season. Stop in say hello and pick up some merch without having to squeeze your way through a glut of sweaty fanboys.

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