Convention appearences for Fall 2012


We do our best to ONLY attend quality shows, put on by quality promoters. We bring plenty of books, shirts, artwork, DVDs ect ect, and our Illustrator is at the booth available for autographes and sketchs 99% of the show. In short, we MAKE SURE if we are at a convention that it is WORTH the price of admission. When deciding on attending a show we look for the same things you would


1-Does it have quality guests


2-is it easy find/get to


3-is it a good price


4-is it fun (are the people running it a-holes or classy?…is the building a good size or is everyone going to be packed like sardines?)




Here is our list of remaining shows for 2012




Baltimore Comic con



Sept 8th-9th


I did this show YEARSSSS AGO…and the town got half washed out by a hurricain…beware con opperators bad weather follows me. Fall is a very busy time of year and it wasn’t until last year that I was able to make it back. This show is fantastic. The people who run it are helpful and friendly, the building is just big enough so that people aren’t crawling over each other, hot, and annoyed. A little insider info, this show is very close to the headquarters of DIAMOND COMICS DISTRIBUTION…which means they get more than a couple of guests that don’t usually attend cons, but attend this one in order to meet with thier managers from Diamond. The con is easy to get to and easy to find and all manner of parking and public transportation is nearby.





Oct 6th

I can’t really say enough about this show and it’s organizers. It is a well oiled machine with alot of free parking and rock bottom ticket price (check the website to see what discounts are available!) and a big old building with plenty of room. It has a guest list that would make most corporate run cons envious. This is an ALL VOLUNTEER show…which means the people running it are they because they want to be there…what more can you ask for than that?





Oct 27-29th


This is a young show that went through some growing pains last year. You may have heard that is was short on attendance or short on guests. If either of these were true we would not be coming back. The truth was that the show was in a building the size of an airplane hanger and when you put a medium sized show into and extra large building everything seems small. The guest list last year was great, and as near as I could tell attendance was fine. This year they are back at their original venue and everyone who allows thier perception to overshadow reality will think it’s great again. It always was great. Great show, great guestlist, well run…this is a con that is going to be very very big, and deserves to be. The opperators bust thier ass, and are not afraid to take risks. They are in it for the long haul and genuinley care about comics, the fans, and the pros. Come out and support one of only a dozen shows in the U.S. not run by jerk offs.








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