Thanos did the deed…leave it at that and go about your lives

Thanos did the deed…leave it at that, and go about your lives

The main theory, as we close in on Avengers Endgame, is that the “heroes” will use time travel to undo Thanos’s murder of half the universe.  This is predictable, and foolish since we all know screwing around with time travel never goes as planned…and these are the same a-holes who created a robot that destroyed an entire city.  Sending these numbskulls back through time is a bad idea.

They should not try to undo it with time travel.

That leaves getting the gauntlet and undoing it WITHOUT time travel. Which is an even WORSE idea..

Follow my thinking here for a few moments.

FIRST…the sad fact of life is that everyone dies.  You can’t actually “save someone’s life” you can only help extend it a little longer.  The heroes would not be “saving” anyone’s life, they would just bringing them back and extending those lives for some period of time, until they meet a different end.  Even if they undo the snap, Winter solder will die, Goot will die, Black Panther will die, everyone will still die. NOW, think about all the ways you could end up dying ( something many of us do often around the holidays)…

Pretty much none of the ways you can think of are as quick, painless and peaceful as just turning into dust.  There’s heart attacks, disease, industrial accidents, car crashes, food poisoning, violence, strokes, blood clots, fires, natural disasters.  All of those things sound painful and not very dignified.  if you’re lucky…if you’re REALLY LUCKY it ends like this.

But most of us are going to go out WAY worse and it’s probably going to be painful.

I didn’t see anyone who got turned to ash screaming, did you?


  No…we did not.

They just turned into dust and peacefully blew away.

As far as dying goes, it sure looks like a good option.  I’d take that over what ever is probably in store for me.

Also important to note…some time has passed here, between the snap and Endgame. How much time, we don’t know, but long enough for Hawkeye to be running around Japan and Black Widow to get a new hairstyle.  That’s two people who have accepted the snap and moved on, to some degree.  Let’s say it’s been a few months, that seems to be a fair guess based on the trailer. Long enough for a LARGE percentage of the universe to by and large have accepted the loss and their personal loses.  The “heroes” may be taking longer since they where there and have some feeling that they can undo it. But the rest of the universe…THE ENTIRE REST OF THE UNIVERSE, besides the 40 or some “heroes”, have gone through the grieving process, or are well into it.

You gonna just pop their loved one’s back?  Lemme know if that’s the plan so I can invest my money in a psychotherapy impatient franchise, with branches all across the universe…for the entire rest of the population of the universe who will have their mind and emotions and grip on reality completely F3CKED.  With special counseling for those who get their loved ones back and have them die the next day for some regular reason ( more on that in a minute).

SO…we know some time has passed.  I’d like you to go back to history class and think about the end of WWI and WWII, when ALLLL those G.I.’s came back home to the U.S..  They came back home to find their jobs were being done by someone else, and there was a bit of upheaval, resentment, and role confusion while things settled back in.   The snap happened, and it sure looks to me like industry has managed to continue. The electricity is still running, food is still being made, cars are still being driven…which means oil is being produced, shipping is going on, gas stations are open, products are being made to stock the shelves of those stations. Now imagine if that period of reintegration that happened after WWII needed to not just reintegrate all the G.I.’s but HALF THE F*CKING UNIVERSE.  AND….AND….as Thanos mused “to many mouths, not enough food to go around”.  Production of food and EVERYTHING ELSE, will have been scaled back to half of what it was.  You gonna just double the population of earth in one split second?  What are they going to eat????  Can you imagine the looting and runs on banks and scavenging that would arise?!

It would be a CLUSTERF*CK on every level…emotionally, socially, economically…AND …NOT ONLY ALL THAT….BUT THIS-

We don’t know for sure how the infinity gauntlet works but we do know that it didn’t just turn Thanos into some omniscient being.  He didn’t mull over the entire population of the universe and pick and choose, he just snapped his fingers and the gauntlet sent out some sort of energy that “randomly” disintegrated half of the population.


Which mean it would UNDO the snap in the same way, without sentient consideration behind it.   It would just put everyone back….including people who, for example, were crossing what WAS a safe intersection..only to reappear NOW right in from of a bus that’s going 30mph.  They could reappear on what WAS a construction site, that is NOW a concrete base of a building (say hello to Jimmy Hoffa mr.unsnapped person), they could reappear in the middle of a lake where the boat they WERE standing on WAS.  They could reappear 30,000 feet in the air where the plane they were on  WAS. They could reappear on an operating table with their chest open…only the surgical team left months ago and they just bleed out.

Not only does the landscape of a metropolitan area change quickly ( buildings are made and taken down, streets are constructed and altered) The weather changes, what if you were swimming at the time, and come back in the same spot…which is now a completely frozen lake?

These may sound like extreme cases, but think about all the times it is not safe to be standing in a spot where it WAS safe just a short time ago…  Cross walks, parking lot entrances, busy hallways, busy factories.  Think about that end credit scene with Nick Fury…the car crashes, the helicopter spinning into the building.  It would be WORSE than that.  You might have as many people die from undoing the snap as died from it in the first place.

Seeing as how we know that time travel often screws up as much stuff as it helps, and the alternative of trying to undo the snap in real time would create ABSOLUTE CHAOS.  They should just leave the whole thing be.  Yeah sure, go try to kill Thanos before he realizes, that for his plan to have a long term effect, he’ll have to do the snap every four generations or so.

OR maybe…don’t even do that…I mean, the universe of the MCU as it currently sits…I bet it don’t look like this every single weekday morning.

In the MCU I could either have died the most peaceful death imaginable, or never be dealing with rush hour traffic again.  Frankly…both of those alternatives are better than A. The Avengers mucking around with time travel B-them doubling the population of the universe in a matter of seconds.  or C-the Avengers pissing Thanos off so the next snap really hurts. Are these a-holes thinking about that? What if you fail AGAIN, and Thanos decides that instead of the snap doing this

It does THIS

How about they just sit it out, huh?

There’s no shame in it. You both tried really hard, but he’s the one who won.  This was his life’s goal, he did it, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to come back or has any other ideas.  If he just wants to watch the sun rise and set from now on…let him do so…in peace.

And to be frank, I’d rather have the infinity stones in the hands of a guy who already did everything he wanted and is just mulling around on some forest planet somewhere….than in the hands of you idiots.  You spent the last three years fighting with each other, before that you made an insane robot, and before that you barely beat Loki.  And between Cap, Doc. Strange, Thor and the Vision…you people at one point HAD four of the six stones already and lost them.  They are safer with Thanos.

So, just sit this out, okay?

That’s better…that’s good…just do that.


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