To victims of abuse, you can come forward. Do not concern yourself with Chloe Dykstra



I’m speaking to victims of sexual abuse now, the rest of you can pay attention if you wish to, but I am speaking to them.

You may have noticed the Chloe Dykstra/ Chris Hardwick Accusation fiasco playing out. None of that is anything to you.  You have a tragedy of your own and it needs to be dealt with.  THAT fiasco is a Ringling Brothers three ring circus, and YOU have a life to rebuild.  Ignore that, so you can do so.

I wasn’t there to see anything that went on with her and Hardwick. All I can say is that for a woman who claims to have been in a sexually abusive relationship for three years, she sure doesn’t seem to know what the f*ck she is talking about, what about it is damaging, or what she is doing.

Lair, not a liar. Victim or con artist. One thing is crystal clear to people with experience in matters of sexual abuse- Chloe is an emotional lunatic who has done more harm than good, even to herself.  You should ignore her, the path she chose and where that paths leads her. She is not you, and you have work to do to move forward.

This tweet we got from this Chloe encompass why you should ignore everything she has done and whatever happens next and focus on yourself and what you need to do .

“After years of therapy and rebuilding your support has done so much for me than all of it combined,”

Do NOT pay attention to that. It is harmful nonsense. You will need to get help that the internet and twitter cannot give you. Social media cannot help you beyond helping you find places to go with people who are trained to help.  Trained to provide direction for people who have been through what you have been through.

You have been through something that is devastating, you need profound assistance.  You need that first.  For someone who has been through abuse of this nature, tweets and hearts and random well wishes are spitballs against a battleship.  You need to come forward and find help, for your own good and to prevent your abuser from harming anyone else.  This takes courage.  It is sadistically unfair that you are put in the position to have to be heroic, but your heroism could literally save someone else’s life by getting a piece of sh*t out of circulation.  and depending on your own state of mind, getting help could literally save your own life. Please..please…PLEASE come forward and seek help.

Just speak the truth.  People who have gone through it, people who have known others who have gone through it, professionals who deal with it regularly, they will see the truth in what you say.  They will see it in the look in your eyes, they will see it in what you talk about, how you talk about it, what you focus on.  In ways you do not even notice, or understand at the time, or consciously mean to, you will be making it obvious that you are telling the truth.

And people will help you. Actual people in actual real life.  That is what you need.  That is what we need you to seek out.

Chloe sought out the internet.  A tenacious and dangerous place for anyone with an emotional crisis or an emotional damaging event.  There is no profound help to be found there, even fleeting.  You have been through hell, you have been profoundly injured.  You need an equal and opposite reaction.  You need genuine actual love and help…from people who actually love you and from people who have the training an experience to help.  And they are out there, they may be right in front of you. You need care and guidance and love…long before you entertain the notion of mentioning anything to a complete stranger on the internet.  You need to help yourself, once that has been tended to, which takes time, then you can consider if and how you wish to help others.

What happened to you happened, and it is awful and people who have been through it, have had loved ones go through it, they WILL believe you. and there are people out there who CAN HELP you.  You do not have to live with this hole inside you, you do not have to feel like a weightless shell in perpetuity, this does  NOT have to define you, the rest of your life, or have control over you.  You do not have to drag this around.  It was not your fault, you did not deserve it…any apprehension you have or worry or anxiety or  phrases going through your head…they are they same ones other people have had.  They got help, they got past it. You can get past this. You need to get past this.


Do so, people are there for you. Even if you think they are not.  Anyone who has been a fan of my regular work is probably bowled over to see me taking this seriously, or to find out I have my share of experience, but I do…and there are those in your life that do that you probably are unaware of.  There are people who love you that are there for you.  Even if you think they will not understand, or judge you or look at you differently or whatever set of doubts are haunting you.  Those doubts are a mirage. Those doubts were put there by some piece of shit when that piece of sh*t had the advantage. That moment has passed. You did not do this to yourself, another person did this to you, and it will take another person to help you fix yourself. That advantage is gone and will never come back.  The advantage is now yours forever, there are numberless amount of help ready and waiting and many people who understand because they have also been through it.  Seek help, overcome, and live the life you were meant to.


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