The big news!

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  Ever have good news and you have to sit on it so long that by the time you can tell everyone it feels really anti-climactic? And everyone is all excited and you’re all like “yeah..whatever”.  That’s my whole life it seems.  I couldn’t tell anyone jack squat about an Arsenic Lullaby Cartoon appearing on Comedy central for like…10 MONTHS.  All joy that comes into my life just..dies on the vine.

…anyways, I’ve been teasing a big announcement and here it is.  Yours truly will be the illustrator of a new series from a character you all know and love.  I am very discriminative in the side projects in choose because MY own book is job one.  So it has to be something I really want to do and/or have a fan base that is going to overlap. That last part is the most rare…although the first is pretty rare too.

Mad magazine was a no brainer, Valiant has a faithful fan base, so that made sense.  This NEW project has both.

I …am the new illustrator for…


 I’m kidding…there is a new Casper book coming out and I sent the publisher an email…they didn’t even bother to respond.  That’s rude.  And foolish. Don’t they know who I am?!  DON’T THEY KNOW WHO I AM?

lemme list some highlights…
Work appearing on Comedy Central
6 years at Mad magazine
Harvey award nominee
Eisner award nominee
Comicdom award nominee
That last one is in Europe…EUROPE…where they only like highbrow fancy stuff.

Did they think it was a joke?  Just because I draw a lot of dark horrible sh*t for people with really screwed up senses of humor don’t mean that’s ALL I can do.  sigh.

OH…yeah so…the ACTUAL news IS…

I am the new illustrator for…


And THAT ain’t no joke (except for the zombie fetus in the illustration).  New England Comics will be publishing a new Tick series later this year and the guy drawing it will be me!  Not much more to tell you right now, because…there ain’t much more to tell.  I have the outlines for four issues, I should have the full script in a couple of weeks…  My guess is early to mid summer on it hitting the shelves. Uh…the Tick is in it.  and…that’s what I know.

***subscribers to our email updates found out about this two weeks ago…you really should sign up HERE****

As a long time fan of The Tick, I had to jump on this one!  That leaves Plastic Man, and Judge Dredd as stuff other comic book companies own that I’d drop what I’m doing to work on…and Lobo, but I’d be awful at Lobo, I could write it but not draw it.

Pretty cool, eh?

“yeah…cool…any Arsenic Lullaby news?”

You’re a real buzzkill you know that? Yeah, Arsenic Lullaby news…soon.

Now then, I have to go…I have a ton of other work to finish before I have to start on The Tick.

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