Just as a general rule, I don’t like helping anyone

Just as a general rule, I don’t like helping anyone…

I’m talking about donating to charities here. I used to do that sort of thing, now I don’t.  I would say I had “one too many bad experiences” but it would be more accurate to say ” I had no good experiences” .  You heard the saying “power corrupts”…that could be modified to charities somehow.  I’ve donated to all types of charities at one point or another, mostly artwork, and….if they aren’t scumbags initially, they turn into scumbags in a hurry…or best case scenario they go from not giving flying F about my work, or my fans..to really giving a F…and then right back to not giving a flying f*ck IMMEDIATELY after they get the cash.  Like…I didn’t even get a simple “thank you” a couple of times after several hundreds of dollars where generated thanks to my donation.  Doesn’t take long after that type thing for you to stop donating and just do your part for your fellow man in other less conspicuous ways.

There is also the premise itself which is often used, that annoys me. The “they didn’t deserve this”…as if someone deserves cancer?  maybe some people do…who elected them to decide who did and didn’t deserve it and should get cash rounded up for them. I’m serious here, a lot of people seem like a-holes and are actually very good people, and on the other hand you have…Bill Cosby.  If he was broke and needed some operation five years ago we”d all be like “whoa, a good person like Bill shouldn’t suffer”…how about now?

So these days I give charities that come knocking the middle finger. It’s a hard and fast rule.  Conversely, I have another hard and fast rule that I hold to more dearly, that is “my friends don’t have to ask me for help twice. They ask, and I come running. PERIOD”.

So, my friend Sindelle and her family got blindsided (literally) by a tornado recently.  It picked up their house, with them in it, and flipped it over.  Her daughter lost her spleen, her son got banged up, they lost everything.  So I’m gonna help.  and THAT is where the bar sits people. You have your house flip over and don’t have a family member lose an organ..go f*ck yourself, it’s not my problem.


geeze…she coulda put some make up on…it’s Youtube not a home movie.  You want people to donate, show some cleavage maybe.  I guess if you just lived through a catastrophe you have to look the part, but maybe have the shirt slightly torn in a sexy cheap novel cover sorta way….I’m just sayin’  you’re no stranger to show biz Sindelle…work the crowd a little.

Anyhoo, like she said, they lost everything, they have a ton of medical bills and so on.  They have a GOFUNDME page.  If you go there and donate anything, even a dollar, it will help.   and that’s not a guilt trip or cheap ploy…I donated a dollar (…with the clusterf*ck that last year was and some…things that didn’t pan out as I was told earlier this year…me one month before convention season starts, one dollar is about all I have to my name.) They were grateful, one dollar helps. that’s a bottle of water or a t-shirt from the dollar store, or a toothbrush (losing everything means losing EVERYTHING) and one dollar from you will help.


EVERYONE who donates and puts “Arsenic Lullaby” in the notes section when they do, gets put into a raffle…and the winner gets this original art from a Generation Zero issue for Valiant that ended up getting  pulled.  It’s a fitting image I think and it looks bad ass. (11×14 inches all inking done with a brush)

AND…If the total dollars donated with -Arsenic Lullaby- in the note reaches 100.00. I’ll do a podcast.  Everyone likes our podcasts…except me, which I why I cut down to only doing them around X-mas time.  Meaning you have been missing out on my wit and wisdom on a whole lot of news.  What does Doug think about this? What would Doug say about that?  Did anyone new die in his apartment building?  How’s online dating working out for him? I miss hearing him yell.  Well, a new podcast can be made…



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