an open letter to Conventions and stores…there is more to life than super heroes

Attention Convention operators That picture (above) is the Arsenic Lullaby corner booth at the WORLD’S LARGEST COMIC BOOK CONVENTION- COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL. Some of you may be thinking “what’s Arsenic Lullaby?” or “I’ve heard of Arsenic Lullaby…but don’t know much about it”. If you you are thinking that, then my friend… Continue reading


IF YOU JUST LOOK AT AN ELEPHANTS TRUNK YOU’LL THINK ITS A SNAKE or A country’s whole is greater than the sum of it’s politicians. I am hearing allot of negative attitude coming from and about Greece due to it’s recent election win by what I refer to as the… Continue reading

Review of the Greece Comic-con

Attention 80% of U.S. comic book conventions, you just got your ass kicked by Greece  or  It’s about the attendance stupid.   In case you are new to my general attitude because this blog has been passed along to you, I am no Europe loving hippie liberal. I believe that… Continue reading

  Welcome to the big leagues Greece   or   I don’t know how you people USED to run things but..   In case you haven’t heard yet I. ..Douglas Paszkiewicz , world class illustrator and writer will be at YOUR humble comic book convention! While i have been to… Continue reading

News March 21st 2012

Leaving for Greece next week. Very busy right now. Coupon code – bugout _ is good for 30% OFF ANYTHING  at out online store UNTIL Tuest March 27th.  So if you think i might get killed in Greece, on the way there, or coming back, this is you best chance… Continue reading