The convention season is almost here.  This mean yours truly will be flat hatting it around the country trying to enrich your lives with the wonder and majesty that is my work of illustration and prose  ARSENIC LULLABY (I may have used the word “prose” wrong…I may have also spelled… Continue reading


    DOUGLAS PASZKIEIWCZ COMMISSION GUIDELINES Douglas Paszkiewicz has been in the comic book industry for 10 years.  He has been or is a contributor to Too Much Coffee Man magazine, Pete the P.O. ‘d Postal Worker, Image Comics, Mad Magazine, Topps Mars Attacks trading card set 2013. His own… Continue reading

In Maine…there seems to be something…missing.

My first culture shock came during my visit to Maine or You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind…but a dimension with no football. I have been all over this country introducing people to the sick glory that is Arsenic… Continue reading

What should a comic book convention be and why do we go to them.

  http://midwestcomicbook.com/ Comic books, like all forms of entertainment, are an escape. They are an escape from our lives and the people who bug us all day long, they are an escape from our own problems and difficulties that are grounded in reality, as we read about problems of other… Continue reading

So…you want to go to a comic book convention

So…you want to go to a comic book convention or What to do and what not to do at a comic book convention Convention season is right around the corner, a time in which enthusiastic fans wait in line and spend money for the displeasure of having every mental image… Continue reading

meanwhile in Greece

  Posting 25 pics on this wordpress page was going to take all day, so here is a link to this weeks blog and some really good new talent    www.arseniclullabies.com/ASVgreekart.html Continue reading

an open letter to Conventions and stores…there is more to life than super heroes

Attention Convention operators That picture (above) is the Arsenic Lullaby corner booth at the WORLD’S LARGEST COMIC BOOK CONVENTION- COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL. Some of you may be thinking “what’s Arsenic Lullaby?” or “I’ve heard of Arsenic Lullaby…but don’t know much about it”. If you you are thinking that, then my friend… Continue reading


IF YOU JUST LOOK AT AN ELEPHANTS TRUNK YOU’LL THINK ITS A SNAKE or A country’s whole is greater than the sum of it’s politicians. I am hearing allot of negative attitude coming from and about Greece due to it’s recent election win by what I refer to as the… Continue reading

Review of the Greece Comic-con

Attention 80% of U.S. comic book conventions, you just got your ass kicked by Greece  or  It’s about the attendance stupid.   In case you are new to my general attitude because this blog has been passed along to you, I am no Europe loving hippie liberal. I believe that… Continue reading

  Welcome to the big leagues Greece   or   I don’t know how you people USED to run things but..   In case you haven’t heard yet I. ..Douglas Paszkiewicz , world class illustrator and writer will be at YOUR humble comic book convention! While i have been to… Continue reading

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