What should a comic book convention be and why do we go to them.



Comic books, like all forms of entertainment, are an escape. They are an escape from our lives and the people who bug us all day long, they are an escape from our own problems and difficulties that are grounded in reality, as we read about problems of other people that are so immense and absurd and fantastic that they are entertainment.  We appreciate they storytelling, the characters, the artwork…but we appreciate all this because they take us into a different world.  The better these elements are, the further we can accept this world, and forget about the one we are stuck it, Or sometimes we relate our world to the one we are reading about and find comfort in these fiction characters dealing with similar crap.

So, what is a comic book convention to us? That is a way of pealing back the curtain and seeing how the sausage is made by meeting the people who make the books, but it is also a way of connecting more to that fiction…To make it a more real element of your life than just an escape.   A good comic book convention makes it a fun and good connection.  A lot of comic book convention operators forget this.  They have shows that are a pain in the ass for everyone, full of a-holes, bad attitude, people whose job it is to help who act like you are annoying them by asking for help, crowds, and rules, and disorganization…all the crap you read comics, and came to  the show to get away from and forget about.  Some of these shows are about as much fun as going to the DMV or city hall. They take all the joy that the experience should be and wring it dry.  I know this…I have been exhibiting at comic-cons for over a decade…If you have been to any number of comic book cons you probably know this also. What should be a fun weekend full of laughs and finding cool new stuff, and meeting the weirdos who make the books,  turns into a gauntlet of pushing shoving, being overcharged,  and treated like cattle…

So…in contrast to that I give you MNCBA SPRING CON 2013…

This show is all volunteer.  The people who run it do so because they love comic books.  The show is inexpensive and there is no charge for parking.  It is in a BIG building so there is plenty of space.  Inside that big building is a guest list that would make any other convention but Comic Con International green with envy.  Because the show is well run and the people in charge are friendly…the exhibitors and artists are in a good mood.  Ever notice how at some shows everyone you got to for an autograph is in a bad mood?  Well, that is because they spent all morning getting jerked around by the convention operators. Not so at MNCBA…they are so gracious that even I…EVEN I…am in a good mood.

They have discussion panels that are actually fun, they have an art auction that (and trust me on this) every year contains original artwork you can’t believe is up for grabs.  Pin ups. Splash pages, golden age are, original art form comic books, all one of a kind pieces and guess what…it’s in St.Paul so you aren’t competing with the entire free world to win what you want over the internet.  Like I said, the artwork you will see here is worth seeing at even if you don’t bid on anything. They have one of a kind door prizes, this year they have ALL of the guests turning in one of a kind sketch cards…this is a show that makes sure you are getting experiences and merch that you COULD NOT find anywhere else.

That of course includes at MY booth.  I always have items that are made just for this show, and I always have things discounted for this show.

Everyone knows by now I complain allot, and don’t care who I piss off.  So believe me when I say…THIS IS THE COMIC BOOK CONVENTION YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS SPRING.



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