A country’s whole is greater than the sum of it’s politicians.

I am hearing allot of negative attitude coming from and about Greece due to it’s recent election win by what I refer to as the “bend over and let Europe service you party”.  If you missed my podcast on Greek politics…that’s a shame, you should go listen to it, it is a genius summation of their situation. (www.astrangersvoice.com) The long and the short of it is Greece is in the hands of non Greeks as long as it is part of the EU.  Any student of history knows that Europe is good at two things, naming food ( we of course have to change the food they name to make it palatable, but the NAME “pizza” is pretty snazzy) and petty bickering.  The EU is just a big pyramid scheme where they take in a country…use their taxes for the benefit of the others…run out of money and then take in another country. So …I can see how the thought of another term of politicians who suck up to the EU is disheartening, and makes the rest of us scratch out heads.

BUT…let me remind all of you that a country is not only it’s politicians. I have put up with being under the Obama presidency …those of you on the left put up with being under the Bush presidency. You get through it and fight harder next time. AND while you are waiting, you focus on what is important…YOUR LIFE. Politicians can hinder you, annoy you, but in most cases they can’t stop you from being happy because …politicians are by and large too lazy to figure out how.

There is more to a country than the old men in suits who are under the delusion that they are in charge. Thier hold on thier precious jobs is precarious at best. You lost by a slim margin and it took them two tries to do it….so BUCK UP! Next time you’ll beat them, that’s all. This advice does not apply of course if you are a beautiful Greek woman hoping to marry me for a green card. In that case your country is screwed and your only hope for happiness is safely in my kitchen cooking in a skimpy dress while your country burns to the ground…no..not you, you’re a bit to tall…not you…NO, lord no, not you…are you kidding me?! I am a good looking American for crying out loud, maybe your slightly better than average looks might impress a Australian, but not me. Maybe if you have a hot sister I might take her. Not you. no. no. no. YOU! That’s right sweetheart, you know how to do dishes right? …doesn’t matter I only own four anyway.

And remember this, you out number your politicians 9 million to what…200 hundred?  They can’t stop you from being happy, they simply don’t have that kind of time. Move on, you lost this round you’ll win the next one. In the meantime you still have to live right? I hear allot of loose talk about going somewhere else …guess what? All that is going to accomplish is leaving your country in the hands of the un ambitious and making you a stranger in a strange land. It sounds exciting and it is…for a little while, eventually the glow wears off and you and everyone else remembers you are an outsider. You fleeing to an imagined land of milk and honey should be a last resort. Unless, as I say, you are looking for an American husband in which case the U.S.A. is a land of milk and honey…that you will get to see on occasion after you are done with the housework and I can find someone who isn’t as busy as me to show you around …briefly.

And consider this, your politicans have not fixed anything, because politicians never fix anything.  Seems to me the immediate problem here is you don’t have any money.  Politicans only know how to create cash through taxes and bribes.  That’s all they know, that is all they are trained for.  But there are 9 million of you out there…start making money.  Invent something, create some service, hell sell stuff to japanese tourists on ebay.  There are always oppurtunities out there.  Your country doesnt have any money, Other countries have money…figure out a way to take thiers…what can you invent, provide, create that they will want to give you cash for.  If you get 20.00 from some Australian…thats twenty more drachmas then you had than last lear…ops I mean euros…the Euro is what you are still using (heh heh…just because I’m writing a upbeat blog do not forget that I am still a jerk)

…you can listen to me or you can listen to the people who think you are fucked.  Your choice.

In any case …I haven’t had time to really do a blog that gives justice to some of the work I saw at Greek Comicdom Con but to lighten the mood, and remind you and everyone else that there is more to Greece than crooked politicians, I’m going to post some pics here…these are just the top few that were in my box (I bet you thought I didn’t stroll through your local talent didn’t you? well I DIDN’T! Much like at an American con I am too busy so I send a secret agent to cull some things). There will be more when I get a chance along with info on all the books but for now take a look everybody of what Greek illustrators are capable of. And I apologize for not labeling anything but I am in the middle of a deadline…as i say, more later.

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