Dutch Comic-Con part 2 in a series

When we last left our hero, he had been invited to be a guest at Dutch X-mas con! That’s about as much as I told you…because that’s about as much as I knew.  Initially, there isn’t too much I have to know.  I’ve been doing this awhile and whether I’m… Continue reading

In case you weren’t mortified enough…I will be representing the U.S. at the Dutch X-mas Comic-con

Just in case you weren’t mortified about Trump representing the U.S.A overseas, I will be at Dutch X-mas Con this December!  And I’m gonna be grabbing all the…windmills…or cheese, or whatever it’s inappropriate to grab over there. And I’m gonna say “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” while I do it!  I’m gonna let… Continue reading

Hello Jet lag my old friend

I have three more convention appearances slated this year… r.e. Three more instances of being treated as the comedic and illustrative genius that I am, and not the weird degenerate living above a print shop in a crappy neighborhood…which I also am. I’m looking forward to these conventions, which as… Continue reading

The road back from Comic-Con International

Jack didn’t make it over the candlestick this time At the battle of Little Big Horn (Custer’s last stand), I imagine one of the U.S. solders, wounded , crawling away from the battle and thinking ” To hell with it, even if I manage to crawl away, I’ve got six… Continue reading

Comic Con International part 3- the floor plan

You’re Gonna need a plan Comic-Con International…is HUGE.  About 7 city blocks long and 3 city blocks deep.  600 tables?  900?  more? I dunno.  It’s a freakin lot.  and hardly any of it these days contain ACTUAL COMIC BOOKS.  It’s a pop culture convention now and that is as much… Continue reading

CCI Exclusives (road to Comic-Con part 2)

***not going to Comic-Con International?  PAY ATTENTION for how you can get our exclusives*** As this is being written Comic-Con International has not listed companies “Exclusives” on their website ( or at least I don’t see it anywhere). So I’ll show you some of ours now, here. ***since this has… Continue reading

Comic-Con International 2016 part 1

Less than one month away and closing in fast is the mother of all Comic book conventions Comic-Con International.  It is an event that one plans the year around.  Five days, 160,000 or so people, 600 plus tables of competition (many of whom have budgets that dwarf small counties).   Product,… Continue reading

Should you do work for exposure (free)?

Should illustrators take on projects that offer “exposure” instead of cash? This is becoming an age-old question, instead of a joke people laugh out loud at.  Much like every age-old con job, it seems to just keep coming back around.  Up and comers ask me about it at it pretty… Continue reading

Wizard World and MSP Comic-con

People have been wondering what my thoughts were after going to a few Wizard World shows after a 6 year boycott, and the St.Paul Comic-con after lambasting the new management.  I’ve been putting it off because frankly, I don’t have much to say about them. I don’t just get on… Continue reading

Too much complaining and people to see at St.Paul Comic-con

  Am I complaining too much? My most recent blog about the problems with Captain America 3…perhaps it says more about me than the movie. They saying goes “If you meet run into an a-hole today, you ran into an a-hole. If you run into A-holes all day long, you… Continue reading

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