Comic Con International part 3- the floor plan

You’re Gonna need a plan

Comic-Con International…is HUGE.  About 7 city blocks long and 3 city blocks deep.  600 tables?  900?  more? I dunno.  It’s a freakin lot.  and hardly any of it these days contain ACTUAL COMIC BOOKS.  It’s a pop culture convention now and that is as much good as it is bad…It’s go movie stars and video games and every other damn thing. Our little boy is all growed up.

“you grows up and you grows up and you grows up”


Eh, you can’t fight the ocean.

Although it will feel like that is precisely what you are trying to do as you walk the floor.



Hey, whats that guy in the corner doing?  Is he giving me the stink eye? 



Learn how to wear a back pack ya jerk, it’s got TWO straps, one for each shoulder.  You’re not in a Corona beer commercial, you are wandering through a convention hall for hours on end. Put the other strap on and save yourself a trip to the chiropractor.  idiot.

Anyways, CCI (Comic-Con International) provides a map on their site so you can use stratergery.

CCI16_CenterspreadMapSec.inddStill pretty damn overwhelming eh?

Don’t fear, I’ve taken the liberty of updating the map for you.  Highlighting the booths you’ll want to stop at first, before you are wandering aimlessly through a sea of plastic trinkets, and rehashed/rebooted garbage.


That’s kinda small, and contains a whole lot of stuff you don’t really have time for.  Let’s go this route.


CCI16_CenterspreadMapSec.indd  CCI16_CenterspreadMapSec.indd


Hmm, did OUR name end up bigger than eveyone elses? That’s wierd. anyhoo, those are the people we recommend.  I don’t have time to figure out the links to their websites…so just, go to their booths to see what they have, I guess.  I mean, what do you really need to know, other than I recommended them? and, I don’t hardly like nobody.  In fact it’s giving me a stomach ache plugging someone else on MY blog.  I’m not even sure I’ll be able to bring myself to hit “publish” and put this out on the internet.

Those names/numbers are

Rich Koslowski GG20

Brian Ewing #4505

Sara Richard AA21

Joseph Linsner #4900

Headlocked #1901

Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy # 1119  (Thursday at 4pm)

ARSENIC LULLABY #2200 did OUR name end up bold?  Oh well…

At OUR booth, we’ll have exclusive sketch cover books.  Limited to 300 of a larger collection and 300 of a single issue.  That is not a lot.   We don’t expect to be shipping any home.  I’m a believer in make your money and run, as far as this show goes.  Print what I need, move it all, go home. 

I will be there sketching ALL FIVE DAYS.  A grueling week for sure.  And it will be a madhouse.  I would recommend this- If you know you are going and will want a sketch cover, order it now (below) and you’ll be able to request a specific character (you can make a note at checkout), and have it waiting for you.  Saves time for you, and gets you a slightly better sketch because I’ll do it before my hand has 100,000 miles on it.

Coupon code CCI16 removes the shipping charges at checkout.

Order the TPB collection Sketchcover here

Order the Single issue sketchcover here.

Other cool stuff here

and I’ll see YOU in San Diego


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