CCI Exclusives (road to Comic-Con part 2)

***not going to Comic-Con International?  PAY ATTENTION for how you can get our exclusives***

As this is being written Comic-Con International has not listed companies “Exclusives” on their website ( or at least I don’t see it anywhere). So I’ll show you some of ours now, here.

***since this has been written Exclusives have been added to the CCI website***

I used “exclusives” in parentheses” more on the here.  Lot’s of companies just slap “exclusive” on something even though it’s a bastardization of the term.  The produce severe thousand or several hundred thousand  of the thing and sell them the rest of the year.  I’ve been to Comic-Con for like 20 years almost, I know how many units of something you can move. I don’t mean just me, I mean ANYBODY.  It’s a race against the clock at a certain point.  Your booth is only open for 4 1/2 days, and even multiple cash registers open can only move so much product in the time the show is open.  So math wise the term “exclusive” is complete bullsh*t with about 75% of the stuff that makes that claim.   AND for about 75% of it the fact that it says “exclusive” is the only this special about it.

WE on the other hand take the term “exclusive” more seriously.  WE make up what we think we can move during the show, and if we have extra after…it’s odd, and usually because something didn’t show up from fed ex until Friday.  When we make something for that show, it is for THAT show if you don’t get it there don’t expect to see us selling it anywhere else because they are gone.

AND it is something truly unique to the show.  The type thing you all seem to like the best is the “sketch covers”…people like getting a sketch from a big shot illustrator ( that’s me) or maybe just enjoy seeing me put 100,000 miles on my drawing hand over the five days.

Here’s some of what we’ll have this year, and how much we’ll print up.  Short print runs, and they are on the website NOW…so those of you who ain’t ever able to go can not only get one of these but also stick it to the people who have the holy grail of comic book conventions and CCI attendee ticket, every book you order before hand is one less I’ll have at the show.  That means one more person we have to turn away. While you sit at home and think “haw haw”.

  I would recommend this- If you know you are going and will want a sketch cover, order it now (below) and you’ll be able to request a specific character (you can make a note at checkout), and have it waiting for you.  Saves time for you, and gets you a slightly better sketch because I’ll do it before my hand has 100,000 miles on it.

Coupon code CCI16 removes the shipping charges at checkout.

Order the TPB collection Sketchcover here

Order the Single issue sketchcover here.

Other cool stuff here

2016tpbonlineboardThis is one of our Comic-con Exclusives this year.  b/w 96 pgs  Featuring some of our favorite stories from The Big Stall and upcoming The Devil’s Only Friend, think of it as a directors cut.  AND it will be sketched on the back by the man himself!  Limited run of 300   available online here

****that might not be the actual cover.***  There is a 10% chance I’ll finish the cover I wanted to use in time…well 5%.  I’ve been fighting with a toothfairy cover off and on forever, It just doesn’t want to work.   Most of the trouble is with the tooth fairy’s wings.  I just haven’t been able to get them the way I want.  And it’s not like I can get a life model who has actual wings.  This is frustrating because it should never have been this hard, I see people draw fairies all the time and the wings look fine.  There are whole genres of fairy art…with people drawing fairies just fine all the live long day, easy as you please.  godless nerds and ren fair types and they types who airbrush t-shirts and collect pewter dragons…just willy nilly drawing fairies that look just fine, while I drown in a pile of crumpled up paper, discarding one attempt after another. it’s maddening.  The other problem is the posture, the original composition looked great but had her upright, well you can’t fly with wings on your back being upright, you have to be leaning over…I’ve drawn this fairy probably close to a hundred times and I’m not sh*tting you about that number.  If anyone needs an illustrator who can draw a fairy who looks like she has a backache or multiple sclerosis I’m your man.

Anyways, slim chance the cover will be a finished version of this…

WBSTIMGbut yeah, probably it’ll be the Ouija Board one, which everyone will be perfectly happy with except me.

OLCCI2016ONLINE Limited to 300 this comic features a brand new VoodDoo Joe story!  It also has a blank back cover to be sketched on by the Illustrator himself!  It is produced as one of our exclusive products for this years Comic-Con International! b/w 32pgs  available online here

Still up in the air about a few other things, as always I’ll keep you updated on the struggles.

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