Too much complaining and people to see at St.Paul Comic-con

  Am I complaining too much?

My most recent blog about the problems with Captain America 3…perhaps it says more about me than the movie. They saying goes “If you meet run into an a-hole today, you ran into an a-hole. If you run into A-holes all day long, you are the a-hole.”  It wasn’t a bad movie, I said it was okay, it just had a lot of problems.  Actually, after a second viewing, it turns out it didn’t have as many problems as I thought.  I just missed a few things the first time.  So….was I looking to dislike it?  Why did I feel the urge to focus on the bad?  Have I become a joyless jerk?  It’s possible, It’s been a long winter, maybe I have devolved into someone who only see the flaws.  That’s not good.  Well, it’s entertaining perhaps, but over all,not good for me as a person.

There are large parts of my personal life and past history of my personal life that I am not happy about, or proud of. Maybe this tendency to only see flaws has been around for a long time and I am just noticing it now, thanks to the wisdom that comes with getting older. Maybe it was a small part of me, the tendency to see flaws, that I’ve allowed to overtake the rest. I don’t know, I’m not wise enough to know, and the past is to far away to be able to properly discern.  All I can do is keep an eye on myself now.

So, I’m going to just focus on the good for this blog, and try to ration out my ire from now on.

The MCBA Comic-con in St.Paul is this weekend and there is a hell of a lot of good about that show.  It has  HUGE guest list.  And I don’t mean a bunch of washed up stars asking 80.00 for an autograph…I mean top notch, name brand, Comic book professionals of every genres ( guest list is here).  Tickets are under 15.00 and parking is free.  Don’t let the cheap price fool you, this is a legit national level convention.  It is cheap because it is run by volunteers. AND they treat the guests as as good as any show I know of outside of Comicdon Con in Athens.  They even send out “care packages”. They had all the hotel and travel info (very useful to get this in the mail before hand) and they even threw in some candy.


They didn’t just do this to try to fend off my ire, here’s a pic of the package they send to fellow illustrator brent Peeples.







I’m not gonna say nuthin about that.  I’m just going to move forward and not focus on how much more candy he got than I did.  Because…that’s A LOT MORE right?’s not just me , it’s math.  But Hey, it’s really cool they send out some candy with the info.  I’m not focusing on it.

When Brent was questioned about this he said “To be fair. The original that arrived the same time as the replacement package. Also this package was for 2. Lol. Me and Emily

…”LOL” he says. Sure, “LOL”.  LOL I got SCREWED ON THE CANDY. I’m not sure what this “Emily” person draws that earned her any Taffy, but it don’t matter anyhow, because the last time I checked 13 divided by 2 doesn’t equal 5.

This is egregious!  I want to know who’s responsible.  SOMEONE filled these care packages….and that someone said “meh…five pieces of candy, that’s good enough for him.  OH Brent Peeples!  Let’s give him ALL the candy. Oh Brent…I luuuvvv you so much, have all the candy. xoxoxox.”

I refuse to believe this is happen chance. Everybody knows I love candy. This would be like giving Snoop Doggy Dog a half a joint, and then giving Mily Cyrus a whole once.

This should not count against me trying to turn over a new leaf.  HE got way more candy than me…that’s a FACT.

Anyway, the convention should be great, there is a lot to do and see and a lot of comic book pros, who will be questioned on how much candy they got, and if others also got more than me, you might get to see an “incident”.

…watermelon pops rocks..for f8cks sake. He got different flavors even, all I got was watermelon.

HERE, are just SOME of the MANY talented pros you’ll get to see when you go to the mcba comic con.

Sara Richard MSPSR

Sara Richard is an illustrator from New Hampshire. She illustrated the 2013 Eisner Award Nominated book, “Kitty & Dino” (published through Yen Press) and has recently been working on covers for IDW’s My Little Pony and Power Puff Girl Comics.  She also illustrated a story in issue #5 of IDW’s “Womanthology” and the short story “Shuffle” for Zombie Bomb.

Rich Woodalltmnt__22_cover_by_johnraygun-d63w5v3

Best known for his current Creator Owned book at Dark Horse Comics : Kyrra Alien Jungle Girl. Also known for other creator owned works such as Johnny Raygun, Zombie Bomb!, and the Live and Times of the Supertopian.

 Jenevieve Broomall10422248_672354296206901_800802768559511840_n

Broomall is a popular Cover Illustrator. She has published Covers with clientele ranging from IDW, Tales Told LLC Lady Death Series, Aspen/Big Dog Ink, Zenescope, Bluerainbow Online, Devil’s Due Publishing, and more Independent companies.

Brent Peeples



Brent is a Texas native. He started his Professional career in 2009 drawing Grimm Fairy Tales, a flagship book for Zenscope.  Since then Brent has worked on books for Image, Aspen, Dark Horse , Discovery Channel, and has become a mainstay cover artist for Valiant Entertainment.

Kristina Deak LinsnerK####

Kristina Deak-Linsner has brought her years of fine art experience in the west coast gallery scene, over to the house that Dawn and JML built at After beginning her comics career at Dynamic Forces in the late 90’s, she now uses her keen eye to help guide Linsner projects to perfection! Titles: Editor on 2013 One-shot Sin Boldly, as well as Linsner’s annual Dawn sketchbooks. (2011 to present). The current Dawn & Vampirella crossover

J.K. WoodwardStarTrek_Klingon

IDW noticed his work on Crazy Mary and offered him a gig doing a CSI:NY limited series BOOM! Studios’ Zombie Tales series. Fallen Angel at IDW, Marvelchose him to illustrate X-men Origins:The Beast  Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, Assimilation2, Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever and creator owned series, Behemoth.

Joseph Michael LinsnerDawnVampi04-Cov-A-Linsner

Joseph Michael Linsner is most well-known for DAWN, his personal Pin-Up Goddess. After her debut appearance on the cover of CRY FOR DAWN #1 in 1989, Dawn struck a chord with thousands of fans on an international level. She is currently published in six languages and has come to life in the form of statues, action figures, t-shirts, lithographs, lunch boxes and trading cards.An award winning Illustrator, Linsner has painted covers for all of the major comics characters, including Wolverine, Justice League, Conan, and Vampirella.

Last but not least…

Douglas Paszkiewicz.TDOFpostcard front

   As soon as  his independently published comic Arsenic Lullaby appeared on the shelves it garnered a Harvey award, then an Eisner award, then was translated and published in Europe where it was nominated for a Comicdom award.  His work appeared in Mad magazine for 6 years and then he was tapped to write shorts for comedy centrals TripTank. Recently he has done cover work for Valiant titles such as Archer and Armstrong, Ninjak, Faith, and X-O manowar.

He will be giving a discussion panel on Saturday “secrets and techniques of comic book storytelling” where up and comers and casual readers can learn how illustrators lead and manipulate the readers eye, and mind in order to capture their imagination.

Yeah, I took some liberties and gave way more space to my own BIO…It’s my blog.  I can do what I want.

Anyways, See you in St.Paul!


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