Last update June 27 Stay tuned for more possible surprises as we close in on the show! Including details on the “stump Doug on Deadwood quotes for 50% off” contest Link below is for our place on the CCI Exclusives webpage.  We will have the three listed there, and one… Continue reading

Comic-Con International

It’s three weeks and a few days away now.  Can you feel my stress through the computer screen? I can’t put enough thoughts together for a blog so here’s a bunch of stuff that’ll be there.  more details and an actual blog in a day or two… you can stay updated… Continue reading

prior to contrary belief…waking up at noon don’t mean you don’t work a lot

I live above a print shop and the guys down there always razz me about how late I sleep.  “well, good morning sunshine!” They’ll say as I wander in around 1pm to pick up any packages that might have come for me.   Let it be known though, I actually work… Continue reading

Comic-con conventions schedule so far

ARSENIC LULLABY 2015 TOUR (cities and dates so far…more to come) Good lord, is winter over yet?  I am cracking under the lack of sun and flesh freezing cold.  Not to mention, I don’t have co-workers and when I am not traveling I am basically a shut in with delusions… Continue reading

pro tip. drawing nothing is very underrated

Lost in the splash pages and action shots of up and coming comic book illustrators, and (pathetically) some veteran illustrators is the simple idea, that what we are trying to do is capture the imagination of the readers. I’m going to reintroduce a phrase here , write it down- “establishing… Continue reading

Yeah yeah…Happy Birthday to me…

Thanks to Social Media , when my birthday  is , is no secret.  I don’t know how everyone else does it, but when you have several thousand “friends” on FB…your  wall turns into a giant stream on “happy birthdays” all of which I feel obligated to thank or I feel… Continue reading

And THAT is how you make a comic book page…

Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran of the comic book industry, having done work for Image comics, Mad magazine, Topps Mars Attacks, and is best known for his self published, Eisner Award Nominated, Harvey Award Nominated, Comicdon (Europe) Award nominated, dark humor , cult favorite Arsenic Lullaby.  Outside of comics he… Continue reading

Recent interview- what subject do I avoid and why

  Here’s a link to a just released interview.  Among other riveting questions – what subjects do I stay away from.  Believe it or not , there are a few.   Continue reading

the only thing that stands between you and the shreiking nothingness…

Well, I called that one. I said Facebook was on borrowed time, and It looks like I was right.  Just judging by my own newsfeed on there, we are collectively wandering away from FB.   It isn’t just my anecdotal evidence, according to the stats FB peaked and is in decline. … Continue reading

Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set (UPDATED)

 Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set This set is being made for the kickstarter backers.  If you didn’t back our Kickstarter…sucks to be you!  I’ll have extras but I ain’t printing up some big giant run of it I added the “2014” there because I’ll probably do another based on amount… Continue reading