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Getting old sucks.

Getting old sucks a big hard one.  It sucks a big fat, veiny… Once you are over 30 your birthday is just father time bending you over in an alley.  That’s all it is.  And why? Because your knees hurt,  and you can’t run away as fast as you used to be able to.  That’s what it is, for now…a few more years and it’ll just be father time slapping you  on the ass ironically and laughing with his buddies. “hey, here’s a hot number! how you doin’ sexy (slap) bwahahahaha”

Damn it.

I still seem to be “cutting edge”, mostly because too many millennials have bought into political correctness and ain’t exactly giving me a run for my money.  Not only that, I’m like an elder statesman of cutting edge, like a comic books illustrators version of Henry rollings or something.  People think of “cutting edge” and think of my name and look up my work, which is good, but not as fulfilling as seeing my work here and there and realizing all the cutting edge stuff they like is all from the same guy. Was that a run on sentence?  You start doing that when you get old…rambling.

Anyways, I’m showing little signs of age in my work.  I’ve done some damn impressive work this year.  Some of it I can’t even show you yet for contractual reasons or because I don’t know who’s going to end up owning that particular “intellectual property” …which is a good problem to have, and one you strive to have when you are young.  So suck on THAT young me.  I am benefiting from all YOUR hard work.

SO…I get asked often what is my favorite thing I’ve done, or favorite character I write.  usually my answer disappoints people.  The stuff I’ve done that most people like is stuff I have done a lot, like Voodoo Joe.  He is a great character and has a special place in my heart, but when you are the one staring at a page for 10 hours it is the subtle stuff that you like the best.  Plus, you are usually tired of seeing your old stuff, and tired of looking at whatever you just finished so your “favorite” story is something that is just a bunch of scribbles in a sketch book that haven’t been mired is rewrites and redos.

My favorite character ( that I can mention) is Baron Von Donuts boss, Garry.  I like him because he’s a sleeze, but 15degrees off from the normal sleeze archetype.   It’s not so much he doesn’t realize he is a sleeze, which we see a lot, or that he is just okay with being a sleeze, which we also see a lot…it’s..he’s sort of a sleeze and is comfortable with being one because the job requires it and he is good at it.  Plus he has some of the greatest lines in all of Arsenic Lullaby as far as I’m concerned.  Voodoo Joe is probably first in this regard pound for pound, but in a different way. Joe is a one man show of ranting, where as Garry’s lines have a more 50’s straight man/funny man set up…which to me makes it all the more funny, because what he is saying is modern sleezy but with a real wholesome old fashioned delivery.  That was probably all a bit too “insider/professional minutia ” type explanation. here’s an example of some great lines from him.

garrylines garrylines2

My favorite story I did this last year is for the upcoming “The Devil’s Only friend”.  I say “my favorite”, that don’t mean it is the best.  I like this one because it has a good premise (although it’s pretty standard Arsenic Lullaby, as far as premises go) and the page layouts all work together.  There are wild panels for a reason, the pace picks up and slows down, and it has a lot of charm.


 We reloaded the A.L. store, there is a mini comic with this in it there, as well as a best of collection.  You can get those with, or without a sketch on the back cover.  Lot’s of other decent stuff there, load up so I can buy some cheap booze on my birthday.

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