Updates Oct 16 2012

After roughly six years I have decided to move on from Mad Magazine.  I will  no longer be contributing to Mad and this years Halloween issue will be the last one featuring new “just below the surface” strips done by me. I am very proud of being in that magazine… Continue reading

Convention appearences for Fall 2012

  We do our best to ONLY attend quality shows, put on by quality promoters. We bring plenty of books, shirts, artwork, DVDs ect ect, and our Illustrator is at the booth available for autographes and sketchs 99% of the show. In short, we MAKE SURE if we are at a… Continue reading

What’s gonna be at my rummage sale?

Yes come one come all to the big rummage sale! . I will soon be forced to move out of the dilapidated duplex in a white trash metropolis and upon assessing the task of packing up all my worldly possessions I have come to the cunclusion…that I don’t need all… Continue reading


  I am to say the least a little bored, and a little burned out and a little stagnant right now.  This is pretty common when you go from the largest comic book convention in the world back where everyone thinks you are awesome back to a crappy duplex where your… Continue reading

let’s just make this a Batman free zone

sound good?  good. here’s a cartoon for this week Continue reading


I am to say the least “burned out” after the week of Comic-con International. …that is all…. In lue of a blog here is a sneak preview of “The Big Stall” Continue reading

The Big One and I told you so… First, for the ladies I happen to have allot of female readers, possibly due to my good looks, possibly due to the fact that I don’t draw books about 70 year old superheroes punching 70 year old villains for the 600th time.… Continue reading

Cthulu and FB

If you have not “friended” me on facebook I am “Douglas Paszkiewicz Illustrator”. the reason I bring this up is because alot of my day to day struggling gets posted there simply because it is easier than posting here, and frankly there is little point in devoting a whole blog… Continue reading


  I am Working on (among other things) a Cthulu story for the next issue of Arsenic Lullaby.  I knew jack squat about Cthulu when I started…after a bit of research I have learned that no one knows jack squat about Cthulu.  H.P. Lovecraft (the guy who came up with… Continue reading


Two really great shows coming up (and you know by now that if I say a show is great…then that means the show is GREAT…because if it sucked…I spend at least one blog complaining about it). These next two shows are worth your time and money to go to.  Along with… Continue reading

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