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Comic-Con International is fast approaching.

It is the largest comic book convention in the world.  It is actually the largest convention in the world.  It has an annual attendance of 160,000 people.  It has that many because the fire marshal will not let them have any more.  The convention center is roughly seven city blocks long and two city blocks wide.  It has roughly 600-800 exhibitors including Sony Pictures, Mattel toys, PlayStation, Warner Brothers, Marvel Comics…and others.  And it has something else….It has Arsenic Lullaby Publishing right smack in the middle of it.

Well…north of the middle a bit and west…but for the sake of discussion…SMACK in the middle.

A needle in a haystack? The roof of the Sistine chapel in a graveyard of soda billboards?

The challenge at this show, just like any other show it two fold. Be the best thing there…and convince people you are the best thing there. The first part is already done (pardon my lack of humility).  The second part is tricky.  We are literally only a few yards away from exhibitors who have stockholders, who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to piss away on a display.

That…is a problem.

Although in this particular convention…you don’t exactly need a fireworks display and a megaphone to draw a crowd.  The crowd is there…160,000 people in one building…so, in all reality you could show up with a cardboard box and a folding chair and people would come up to see what you’re all about. Just the same I like to make a good impression.

Here’s what’s usually around us. 

It’s a visual kalidoscopic cluster fuck where no amount of neon, flashing lights or banners is going to stand out. 

In years past I have been going with a counter punch to all the visual mess…simple and effective.

But, those banners are gone and it’s time to reboot.

Or is it? Maybe I should stick with this and just bring along the inflatable fetus this year? 

I have some ideas…I’ll keep you posted.

A show of this size requires a total reloading of merchandise like t-shirts and what not.  This year along with books, arts, and prints, we’re going to bring some shot glasses.  And one of the variations of this t-shirt…

I could use some insights on that. Pick one and cast a vote. 

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Don’t explain yourself and don’t over think it and DON”T GIVE ME NO OTHER F*CKIN OPTIONS, JUST PICK A NUMBER  …thanks in advance

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