Arsenic Lullaby News March 26


-For those of you who ordered Arsenic Lullaby “the big stall” our all new full color collection on kickstarter, they will be shipping out in waves shortly.

-For those of you who missed this, your store can order it in previews right now (They have until the end of March to order). They need to know –

Distributor-Diamond comics distribution –

Publisher –Arsenic Lullaby Publishing –

Title – Arsenic Lullaby “the Big Stall

Do not miss this issue…it is very very good…very good.

samples are here


-Also, our spring 2013 convention schedule is up here-

-We were late getting in on the Phoenix comic-con but if you would like to see us there I suggest you send an e-mail asking if we ( Douglas Paszkiewicz) will be there. It is our experience with convention promoters that seeing fan interest tends to magically make extra table room.


-A little advice on attending conventions by Douglas was published on bleeding cool news here


-If you are a comic book professional or know one, we are eligible for best cartoonist (Douglas Paszkiewicz – Arsenic Lullaby) and Special award for humor (Douglas Paszkiewicz – Arsenic Lullaby) at the link below-


that is all.

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