Ruthless confidence and a giant ego can sometimes need refueling

The beginning of 2017 has been..frustrating and draining, due to a lot of things I’m not at liberty to discuss right now.  Several projects are just up in the air, and some good work is not going to see the light of day.  It’s like that sometimes in the creative industry.  Sometimes everything goes your way and sometimes everything is like trying to run uphill in ankle high mud.

It can take a lot out of you…those ankle high mud runs. No matter how full of piss and vinegar, no matter how confident or iron clad your ego, if you’ve worked in the creative industry long enough you’ve thought to yourself…what had been in MY head often lately “ah, what’s the f8cking point anyway?…what am I doing any of this for, exactly?”  You wonder to yourself if this is what you’re supposed to be doing with your life or if you are starring at the sunk cost fallacy when you look in the mirror.

The longer your career the more vexing and scary those times are.

I don’t like to use combat analogies for anything because it’s absurd to compare combat to anything besides combat.  But I’ll use one here.  it’s like you are on Normandy beach, pinned down behind a Tank Barricade listening to the Nazi bullets rain down at you.  And you think to yourself “Why did I get the f8cking boat? I…am screwed.  There is NO way out this. I am about to end up face down in the surf, by lifeless body bobby back and forth as the waves come in and out. Just like all those guys back there…I’m going to be one of several thousand bodies of guys who really thought they were going to do something”

And even if you have already “done something” you wonder if you should have quite while you where ahead. 

“I should have twisted my ankle on purpose in Africa…I’d be in a Red Cross bed right now.”

It feels bleak at times is my point.

The today I saw this…

I’ll be telling jokes on TV this weekend. If you don’t live in a city where Fox syndicates Laughs, this episode will be online and on Hulu starting Monday.


Mike is a friend of mine that you may be familiar with.  He’s going to be on TV.  I REALLY needed to see that. That is what I needed to see.

This is like seeing the guy to your left who’s also pinned down, jump up screaming and running up the beach unloading his Tommy gun into a Nazi gun nest.

“oh…yeah…that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.  ATTACKING”

“okay (deep breath) no sense in dying while I still have ammunition left”

Here is a link to more info on Mike’s appearance on “laughs”. He’s real good, so give his episode a watch.


“When in doubt, attack.”

George Patton



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