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I have been on ole FB almost not at all this year.  I had a lot to get done, and even more to get done coming up. Time is money…sometimes other people waste your time, and sometimes you waste it yourself.  I’m doing my best to have either happen as little as possible, and as you likely know…the internet is the time burglar supreme. 

Youtube is the worst because it’ll just keep playing video one after the other. You start watching something you meant to watch and five hours later you are watching a film from india that you can’t even understand.  It’s the randomness of it’s feed that gets you.  If I watch two full hours of videos on the invasion of the Phillipines it’s easy to tell I’m wasting my f8cking time.  But when they keep switching up what comes next you can’t really tell how much time has gone by because your brain just keeps absorbing new info. 

and what the hell is with the algorithm that pumps things into the cue?  I mean look at this…

Does it look like I’m trying to learn about the British Ruling India?  I’m not…I’m trying to watch some f*cking cartoons. I’m on youtube to avoid reality, politics, and news. Was there some episode of GI Joe where they kicked the British out of India and that triggered the documentary to pop up?  I haven’t watched GI Joe since I was like ten, but I don’t remember any episode like that.

Get a load of this ….

What did I just say??  Internet…leave me alone about Donald Trump! F*CK. 

While Youtube is a waste of time it’s at least entertaining and I can have it on in the background and still get work done.  The only entertainment I get out of FB these days is unfollowing anyone talking about politics.  Did I say “talking”?  I meant screaming.  You people need to pick your battles, because if the guys does start rounding people up into concentration camps many of us will never know because we got so sick of hearing you bitch that we unfollowed you and avoided all news stories since the inauguration protests. 

I get it, you don’t like the guy…do have anything else in your life?  

“yeah but…”

“yeah but…”

“yeah but…”

F*cking relax, The world ain’t going to come to and end…that guy on the 50.00 bill, he was president while the country was trying to rebuild itself after the Civil War and he was such a degenerate alcoholic and his cabinet was so filled with corrupt grifters they even left HIM penniless by the time it was over.  And yet here we all are…with cars and cell phones, and velcro.

“But he just did blah blah blah!!!”

sigh…this is like a dad….and he’s a got a hot daughter who’s boyfriend is a scumbag.  The more he protests, the more she’s going to see him out of spite.  If he’d just back off, they’d get into an argument and break up on their own.  If everyone would just dial it back, Trump and the republicans would turn on themselves…like every political party does when they ain’t circling the wagons, banded together against outside forces.  But hey…do what you want, scream, yell, post on Fb, get pepper sprayed by a cop, end up in jail, I ain’t gonna know about it.

So my monumentally reduced FB time has been a real blessing. 

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