…and THAT… was the last shred of patience I had.

Before I start my complaining, let me remind you all that NOW is when you should tell your local comic book store to order the new Arsenic Lullaby Collection ( or order it at an online store)  everything you need to know on that is here

now then

It’s funny…the human condition.  We all think we are unique and special, but when you break it down there really just a few types of people.  It’s why phrases like this usually are spot on-

The more important someone acts, the less important they actually are

If you want something to get done on time, give it to someone who’s busy.

The less of an effort someone puts into helping you, the more bigger “thank you” they expect.

and so on..

I don’t know if it’s a full moon or the chancing of seasons that has some people looking through the wrong end of the telescope, but I’ve had more than my daily allowance all week of people busting my balls who are too stupid to realize that I was helping THEM.  Oblivious to the fact that I’ve been in business for almost 15 years making Arsenic Lullaby.  That’s how I pay my bills, I move large amounts of comics books, and occasionally write for other entities…everything else I do just because it would be cool, or to give the readers something extra to have, or (believe it or not) to put the spotlight on someone else. 

Over the years I’ve learned a great deal of patience, but there are types of people who view “patience” as “need’  and the best thing you can do for the rest of mankind is to respond in the harsh jackass manner they richly deserve but usually don’t get…because most people aren’t comfortable being a jerk or saying unpleasant things.  I am not only comfortable with that..truth be told, I rather enjoy it.  I know it may seem like I am being a jerk and saying unpleasant things 90% of the time, but trust me, If you saw what I deal with on a regular basis you would wonder why I don’t have a hit man of retainer.

Having said all that, you can do the math in your head as to why I am posting the following-

I have decided we now have an opening for one more illustration for the Arsenic Lullaby Trading card set.  Specifically Old man Hutchenson.  Pics are below.  Two things to keep in mind- 1-in his chest compartment where the heart would be is actually his brain.  his face (although I never really pulled it off well) looks like an old Clint Eastwood.

These cards are bonuses for the Kickstarter backers, I’ll print up extras to sell at cons and whatnot to cover printing but I’m not doing this to a pile of money.  I’m doing this because it will be cool.  SO,You will not be paid cash for this, well not by me, but you will get a stack of cards with your illustration on them and a licensing agreement so you can make prints to put the image on whatever and make your money that way.  You will also get some pretty good exposure, and be part of a very strange and well done project.  On the back of your card will be room for whatever info you like including plugging your own work or website.  Arsenic Lullaby has very enthusiastic readers who like trying new stuff so the smarter among you will at least realize that this is getting your work in the hands of hundreds of people who are not shy about spending cash on the bizarre…and who know how to use Kickstarter.

PLEASE go to this link for details on how to submit and images of other card illustrations.  send me a rough draft by monday…I’ll pick my favorite…and you’ll have a week to get it done.  This is open to anyone who is an A.L. reader and knows what “awesome” means. The illustration needs to be awesome.

Fell free to ask questions, but if you get on my case about anything I’ll find someone else, or just do the damn thing myself.

These pages are random…but have pretty good shots of Hutcheson.

hutc3 hutc2 hutc1

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