A big 3-0 and looming catastrophe

The horror…the horror

The Midwest Comic Book Association is celebrating it’s 30th year of comic-cons!  In honor of that here is a discount code for THIRTY PERCENT OFF at out online store! code-MCBA30

“uhm…how does you having a big sale on your webstore help this convention?”

It doesn’t, when did I ever say I was in this to help anyone but myself?  Do you want to code or not?

“f*ck yeah I want the code, it’s 30% off…I’m just sayin’…”

Well, stop “just saying”

Here’s the thing, my office is over f8cking crowded, it’s spring, and I need to clear some stuff outta here. I’m trying to box up stuff and do seven other things and I have NO F*CKING ROOM TO MOVE AROUND…and that’s making things take forever and confusing the sh*t outta me.  And then there’s this bight idea…

My friend says to me that I should hang up my illustrations to keep myself in a positive mood.  That worked for about 30 seconds, until I started looking at how well they turned out compared to what I’m struggling with now that looks like hell.  Of course I thought those things hanging up looked like hell when I was working on them…being a bit crazy/neurotic comes with being a creative type.  I have that part down pat.

SO…coupon code MCBA30 gets you 30% off at the online store including original art.  I just added some art including OLD stuff I found, so you may wanna give that section a look.

Speaking of my office being a disaster…can someone tell me what this stupid lump is on the cord to my laptop? and WHY it needs to be four inches from the input rather than in the middle somewhere?

It’s perfectly positioned to keep getting hooked on the table ledge and getting yanked out right when I’m 3 hours into organizing labels (the laptop won’t work on just the battery…it’s a long story).

onto the MCBA comicon…OH, wait. Before I get into that, the Greeks had their annual Comicdom Con last weekend and it looked to be a big hit.  I saw TONS of posts from the fans, COMIC BOOK PROS AND THE CON ITSELF.  ( that part is capitalized, because that part seems to be lost on many a comic-con promoter in this country…never stop talking about the show).  And when the con was done I saw many a post of the loot the fans came home with..here’s a standard example.

Notice something missing from that picture? Bootleg prints of other people’s intellectual property.  Those are all local indy comic books. NOW PAY ATTENTION all you would be up and comers in this country.  I pay attention to the Greek illustrators and have noticed many of them getting jobs for major and mid-level publishers in the U.S.  You know why they are getting these jobs and you are not? Because they draw COMIC BOOKS…not prints and posters. They have taught themselves how to tell a story in comic book from, and shown the world that they know how by DRAWING COMIC BOOKS. If you are not getting such work, than you are getting your ass kicked by the Greeks. YOU a citizen of the country that invented the comic book is letting the U.S.A. down. What are you, a politician? Knock it off. Learn your craft and practice your craft and stop with the bootleg prints…it is short term thinking that gets you a couple hundred bucks over a weekend instead of getting you a career.  Get your ass in gear…lack of competition bores me.

OKAY, onto the MCBA 30th anniversary comicon!

Last I talked with any of the promoters I asked what special events they had in store for the big 3-0 and they…had nothing.

…what? I’m not being a smart ass, they didn’t have anything yet. It’s still like a month away. I’m not sure really what they could do. What do you do besides slap “30th anniversary ” on a buncha sh*t.  It’s not like a con operator is going to say “okay it’s the 30th..let’s REALLY try this time”.  One assumes they are trying to put on the best show they can every year.  I think on their 25th they had all the pros do a sketch card and raffled off the entire set. That was pretty cool. But as things stand now…nothings planned yet. It is an all volunteer show so I guess I and my fellow pros could all pull our weight doing special stuff. I think I will…I will have a custom print with “30th anniversary” slapped on it.  Hahaha…kidding, I dunno. I’ll come up with something.  I have already actually because…

I will be leading a discussion panel entitled “Comic Book Pros Horror stories”.  In which I, and whoever else wants in on it, will tell of our worst experiences at comic-cons, with fans, with publishers, ect.  AND we will take ANY question from the fans.  Does this sound like a possibly career ending situation for someone as outspoken as myself? Let’s hope so!  Come and watch the train wreck!  I’ll have those three general topics to start, and then you can ask more specifics, follow up questions, ask about specific projects…whatever.  Get your questions ready!  To ensure that we answer your questions…if any question is refused (that is deemed fair, you can’t ask something like “name everyone you ever slept with” or something way out of line) then the pro who refuses to answer MUST draw a quick sketch for the fan who asked it! Pretty f*cking cool idea if I do say so myself. and fun!

IF you are a fellow pro going to this show and want in, contact me at douglaspasz -at- arseniclullabies.co

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Coupon code – mcba30 – is good for 30% off your entire order at the Arsenic Lullaby Online Store

The store loads slow AF, we’re working on it.

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