The great Unloading part 3…what’s in THIS box?

This is the last of it

Link to ALL the items in our unloading of 2014 sale at this link

(don’t forget…we have scratch and dent copies of the most recent collection itself  CHEAP )



Okay, I have successfully rearranged/organized my office ( more or less) and cleared out a bunch of stuff…of course when you’re organizing  it always seems like there is one more box to deal with.

I came across some more things you might be interested in…

A thumbnail sketch of a page layout from the very first VooDoo Joe story!


yep…at the bottom of a box of invoices, and it’s even sketched on the back of letterhead for my first excursion into self publishing ” Harvest Moon”



A BUNCH of thumbnail sketches ( you should take a look at these even if you’re not interested in owning them…just for the sake of seeing the work that goes into this book).



Here’s something you don’t get a chance to own everyday.

Let me explain what these are. See, when you are having a hardcover put on a book the printer prints up a lot of extras because the machine has to screw up a few while they calibrate it. (this is what I am told…I suspect I am merely being overcharged for the sheer joy of it all). This time there were a few extra sets of “guts”. These are 4 fully printed sections making up the entirety of a copy of “the Big Stall”. As you can see they aren’t trimmed yet ( they do that after the gluing process I guess). So I suppose you could frame up your favorite section (I might do that myself) or use them as big posters…I dunno…people seem to like having large sheets of trading cards that are uncut, maybe you’ll like these. Be careful though because the middle crease is perforated (why is it perforated if they are going to trim it anyhow? I don’t know and I can only hope I wasn’t charged for the unneeded perforation…but I suspect I was) .

I pretty interesting A.L. collectible and If you like I can throw a sketch onto the front section under the black and white panel of the lion.

or maybe you can go to Kinkos and staple your own cover on it and draw your idea for what the cover should have been…just don’t show it to me because if it’s better I’ll have to start drinking heavily. eh, go ahead and show me, I’m always looking for an excuse.

I photographed a couple of sections…i didn’t feel like photographing them all because…I didn’t, but if you really need to be reminded of the rest of the pages email me.




Oh, here’s something…a gen-ew-wine DC comics sketchbook! 

I got this a few years ago, it was a corporate X-mas gift from the good people at DC comics when I still was doing work for Mad Magazine.  It’s got the DC logo pressed into the cover and it has nice paper and a fabric book mark…it’s fancy as all get out, but what the hell am I gonna do with it?  I don’t really use sketchbooks and when I do I usually tear the pages out so I can scan them. I suppose I could bring it with me to conventions and have ALLLLL my friends put sketches in it…that takes care of about four pages…what do I put in the rest? 

So I did some thinking as I looked this over…thinking back  to what I like to do when someone brings one of these fancy sketchbooks up to me at a convention. If…IF… I am one of the first to sketch in it I (knowing how the artistic mind works…and knowing that it is, by its nature, neurotic and competitive…and wanting to help out my fans whenever I get the chance) put the most time sucking, labor intensive, sketch in it that I am able to..because I know that I will have set the bar for all the rest of the illustrators who are given the book to sketch in. See, no one wants to look like a chump…if the first sketch you get is really good…the next guy will try to top it. That’s good advice people…pay BIG bucks for the first sketch because it’s an investment in the entire sketchbook.  SO…what I propose to do with THIS fancy dancy sketchbook is put a quality one hour sketch OF THE SUBJECT MATTER OF YOUR CHOOSING in every other page. two sketches a week…I’ll post on Facebook your subject and the sketch(and your webpage if you have one) until I am done and send it to you and you can keep it as is…OR…bring it to conventions and get the rest of the pages filled up by the poor bastards who will try to top my precision. (heh..good luck with that because I’ll be in the comfort of my office using my surgically precise Windsor Newton series 7 no.0 brush…with no distractions).  That’s FIFTY sketches of your choosing with one hours labor, by a world class illustrator who’s been nominated for the comic books highest awards here and in Europe…who’s worked for DC, Image and several other publishers… a STEAL at 400.00!!

“Only 400.00 for 50 hours labor?! Why would you do this?”

why?  To be a jerk…what other reason is there?  First there is the jerkness of getting cash for a gift (although given the time I spent reworking gags for Mad Magazine it’s the least they could do) and TWO the jerkness of forcing anyone else who sketches in it to put more effort into it than they could justify if not for their own warped egos.




and a bunch of prints that I didn’t number…

“…so, just number them”

I can’t, I don’t remember if I started at 100 and numbered down or started at one and worked up.


Don’t you roll your eyes at me, just get this out of my office…I am this close ( holding finger slightly apart) from being organized.  It’s all priced to move…my impatience is your gain.

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