Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into…

As far as projects of my own , next on the list are a VooDoo Joe comic book story (which I am in no mood for) and more animated cartoons (which is about as much fun as writing your name on a grain of rice).  I don’t want to do… Continue reading

Voodoo Joe DC52

It may sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but given the award nominations, critical acclaim, and most importantly die-hard cult following not a whole lot of people will disagree that Arsenic Lullaby’s VooDoo Joe is one of the most endearing characters published in any independent book in the last… Continue reading

Get used to Mylie Cyrus and get used to liking her

  I swear to you right now, I am not saying this just for the sake of being on the other side of something or swimming against the current.  The following is my honest opinion. No sarcasm, no saying something for the sake of disagreeing with everyone. Just to set… Continue reading

a parking ticket?

  REAL BUSY THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS….HERE IS A “BEST OF” Dear parking enforcement officer… I hope writing me a ticket helped you forget how shriveled and tiny your testicles are.   Not that you need them anyway, because no woman could ever love a shriveled testicled cretin who’s only… Continue reading

now I PERSONALLY would have named the story…

here’s whats all the buzz in comic book land… ‘Batwoman’ Authors Exit, Claim DC Comics Banned Gay Marriage Storyline Personally I would have named the story- two self absorbed jerk offs with over inflated senses of self-worth leave perfectly good job because their lame story line is turned down… Continue reading

“I will fight no more forever”

  Dating after 30 or The crease of hope If you are in your late twenties,do yourself a favor…just marry whatever you have right now. You ever hear the term “as good as it gets and it ain’ t getting that good again?”. Just get married and stay married and… Continue reading

No Tomorrow?

No Tomorrow? If you have already heard of the new Zenoscope book “No Tomorrow” you have probably heard that all sorts of personal tragedy helped fuel the story written by one Raven Gregory. Well, am a writer myself, and I will say right now that the works of writers, musicians,… Continue reading

No complaints

“why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change” Oddball – Kelly’s Heroes   I attended the West Virginia  Pop Culture Con.  I am assuming they called it “pop culture”  instead of “comic-con” to attract people who are not only interested in comic books and in respect to… Continue reading

Wizard…in MY backyard?! I have a solution for that…

Wizard…in MY backyard?!  I have a solution for that I just heard the news that the blight on the comic book industry known as “wizard World” has set their sights on St.Paul and more specifically siphoning off out the MCBA convention. PLEASE Listen carefully to what I say, I haven’t… Continue reading

Cover theory or A tale of two Joe’s

I loath drawing covers. When you are making a story and working on story pages, the key is thought and hard work.  There are a tool box full of techniques you can use to punch up the page and it is simply a matter of using your brain and figuring… Continue reading

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