Who told you I was subtle?… and the spring Convention Schedule

“Didn’t I used to have a reputation?”  Lobo Is it just the change of the seasons, that has people screwy or a full moon maybe? Someone wanna let me in on the joke here?   Let me give you two of the most recent examples.  A comic-con heard tell that… Continue reading

Creator of TWD slams Valiant comics?…uhm…not really

(the blog is fixed!…took longer than we thought, but lets take her for a drive eh?) Robert Kirkman vs…Valiant? A “news story” popped up on my feed that I think has a couple of teachable moments to it. The story appears via a comic book “news” website, that is clickbait,… Continue reading

A teachable moment for the Comic-Con Industry

I was on the interwebs this weekend trying to figure out the name of a stand-up comedy showcase type show that was on in the 90’s.  I used to watch it as a young buck and was trying to think of the name of it when talking to my friend… Continue reading

Goodby 2016 you heartless %&#@ucker

2016…I’m glad that’s over A bunch of beloved entertainers died this year…if one of them was someone you admired, consider yourself fortunate.  First, they could have lived long enough for your entire view of them to be ruined forever (Bill Cosby). Second, they died ahead of the giant wave of… Continue reading

If you were defending Chelsea Cain…I guess…you can stop now?

“I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY POWER TO ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY” . . Chelsea Cain surfaced to blog, addressing her “twitter controversy”  .  *If you don’t know what it’s all about you can see the previous blogs this week.  Personal issues have kept my from being at… Continue reading

No, actually you don’t understand misogyny, that’s why everything I was doing was lost on you

I don’t understand? No. you don’t understand…you missed a lot actually, because you seem to need things spelled out for you. When I wrote the previous blogs rebuking the notion that there is a level of misogyny that ONLY exists in the comic book fans,  (I capitalized and made bold… Continue reading

Misogyny?! You need a history lesson on the comic book industry and it’s fans

Certain types of blogs I do always generate backlash, they are blogs about the comic book industry and they always generate the same type backlash – I don’t care about the comic book industry. I don’t want to read about the comic book industry. Let the tights and capes people… Continue reading

An open letter to Chelsea Cain in defense of comic book fans

  I’m glad I wasn’t part of the car crash this time. or This isn’t the fault of comic book fans A brief synopsis for my readers who don’t pay attention to comic books. One Chelsea Cain, respected best selling author of books, of the “thriller” genera, got a writing… Continue reading


WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? or There is a time and a place for everything…and that was not either.   Chelsea Cain Left Twitter and This Is Absolutely Comics’ Problem That is just one of several articles out there about Cain leaving twitter because she was “bombarded”… Continue reading

Luke Cage was awful…part two in a series- Calling me names ain’t going to make this show not stupid.

In part one of the series – Luke Cage on Netflix was awful, I went on about how Luke Cage was non-blackest Back Show ever, and how they had a guy who should be an underwear model playing Luke Cage. I prefaced it with a paragraph about my credibility in… Continue reading