Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into…

As far as projects of my own , next on the list are a VooDoo Joe comic book story (which I am in no mood for) and more animated cartoons (which is about as much fun as writing your name on a grain of rice).  I don’t want to do… Continue reading

Voodoo Joe DC52

It may sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but given the award nominations, critical acclaim, and most importantly die-hard cult following not a whole lot of people will disagree that Arsenic Lullaby’s VooDoo Joe is one of the most endearing characters published in any independent book in the last… Continue reading

Updates Oct 16 2012

After roughly six years I have decided to move on from Mad Magazine.  I will  no longer be contributing to Mad and this years Halloween issue will be the last one featuring new “just below the surface” strips done by me. I am very proud of being in that magazine… Continue reading

Happy birthday H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu sneak preview

Yep it’s Lovecraft’s birthday today…or at least it would be if he didn’t die, yes he is deader than a giant man-eating chicken heart ( oh wait wrong horror writer..the chicken heart thing was Arche Oebler).  Funny thing, I got an audio book (cd) awhile ago with some british guy reading his… Continue reading

Getting Original Artwork

Purchasing Arsenic Lullaby original art or You can’t please everyone It doesn’t seem that long ago that I brought Arsenic Lullaby artwork to shows just for the sake of having something on the table as a conversation piece. Now a days most of it never even makes it to shows,… Continue reading

News March 21st 2012

Leaving for Greece next week. Very busy right now. Coupon code – bugout _ is good for 30% OFF ANYTHING  at out online store UNTIL Tuest March 27th.  So if you think i might get killed in Greece, on the way there, or coming back, this is you best chance… Continue reading

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