Happy birthday H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu sneak preview

Yep it’s Lovecraft’s birthday today…or at least it would be if he didn’t die, yes he is deader than a giant man-eating chicken heart ( oh wait wrong horror writer..the chicken heart thing was Arche Oebler). 

Funny thing, I got an audio book (cd) awhile ago with some british guy reading his stories and the little insert that was in the cd case mostly just talked about how screwed up Lovecraft was.   As an author myself that annoyed and frightened me.  mostly frightened me…years after I am dead I don’t want my material reprinted with the “about the author” section airing out my dirty laundry and telling the who world what a kook I was.  How about when I am dead and gone you just talk about my work and all the good things I’ve done…okay the good THING I’ve done…okay I haven’t helped anyone but myself since I fell out of my mothers dress…but just keep any mental disorders off or the BIO page would you?

anyhow…here is a sneak preview of Chtulhu as he will be appearing in an upcoming issue of A.L.  (after you read this feel free to go to the ole online store and get yerself a Cthulhu print and/or T-shirt…Lovecraft would want future writters to be able to afford  psychiatrists) 


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