Valentine’s Day is here and spring is around the corner, so romance is in the air.  Given the …visual quality of women I’ve dated, many think it is wise to come to me for answers on romance.  I have no answers for you on that, I can only tell you… Continue reading

You haven’t been around much

Busy Busy I have been on ole FB almost not at all this year.  I had a lot to get done, and even more to get done coming up. Time is money…sometimes other people waste your time, and sometimes you waste it yourself.  I’m doing my best to have either… Continue reading

Fine…here’s some earlier work

There…we reprinted older stuff. As the guy who makes the Arsenic Lullaby stories I am always focused on what is next, because what is next is awesome and what I’m working on now is a pain in the ass, and what I did previously…I have little memory of. The filthy… Continue reading

Goodby 2016 you heartless %&#@ucker

2016…I’m glad that’s over A bunch of beloved entertainers died this year…if one of them was someone you admired, consider yourself fortunate.  First, they could have lived long enough for your entire view of them to be ruined forever (Bill Cosby). Second, they died ahead of the giant wave of… Continue reading

Would you please act like adults? Steranko, and every one else in this country is greater than the sum of their political opinion.

(cover by the Legendary Jim Steranko, just so you non-comic book readers know who is in question here) Haven’t you people learned anything in the last year?  Has it not yet gotten through to you why we have the awful choices we have? Why nothing is getting better? I’ll explain… Continue reading

If you were defending Chelsea Cain…I guess…you can stop now?

“I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY POWER TO ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY” . . Chelsea Cain surfaced to blog, addressing her “twitter controversy”  .  *If you don’t know what it’s all about you can see the previous blogs this week.  Personal issues have kept my from being at… Continue reading

THIS is how you deal with trouble makers on your social media pages

If woody had gone straight to the police, this would never have happened In all the hubbub about the incidents with Chelsea Cain on her twitter page, I saw no one actually give advice on how to deal with a-holes on the internet.  Everyone “raised awareness” but no one explained… Continue reading

Luke Cage was awful…part two in a series- Calling me names ain’t going to make this show not stupid.

In part one of the series – Luke Cage on Netflix was awful, I went on about how Luke Cage was non-blackest Back Show ever, and how they had a guy who should be an underwear model playing Luke Cage. I prefaced it with a paragraph about my credibility in… Continue reading

The key to romance in adult hood

If I have once piece of advice for younger people in the subject of romance, it’s this- Just get knocked up or knock someone up and move forward with making something out of it. “Reasonable adults” will scoff at such advice, and call it absurd.  Don’t listen to them, listen… Continue reading

My name’s not “dogg” it’s MR.Paszkiewicz

Big Timing- Passive aggressively pointing out that you are more important than the person you are interacting with. They say, if someone else’s behavior drives you nuts it’s because it is either just like you behave, or the exact opposite. Self serving and self aggrandizing acts annoy the sh*t out… Continue reading