I’m starting to think maybe some people just like to complain…

Once upon a time there was a place called Myspace, and it was fun!   and I had many a heated argument on there, complete with rudeness and name calling and everyone got along, when all was said and done, because we all understood we were just on there clowning around after all.  Different tone on FB, it was just never set up as a fun place…it was the grown up version of Myspace and had a grown up tone ( boring, uptight, pretentious).

For reasons I went over in last weeks blog, I am pulling WAY back on being on FB, and changing what and how I do things on there.  It’s mostly just a dump off point now for stuff I already posted on instagram, and if someone is off point, or posts something that annoys me..I just delete it…and if they keep it up, I block them.  Gone are the days I’ll be putting on some entertaining argument for bystanders ( who ain’t going to spend dollar one on my wares) to read and be amused by.  Also gone are the days where I tolerate insolence on that page, sure it’s fun butting heads with fans ( who do spend their hard earned dough on my wares) but I can do that at conventions, and on my actual website (like here for instance, although hardly anyone ever leaves a comment on these blogs…possibly I still have the comments option turned off, I’ll have Joe check on that…after we fix the dozen other glitches on the website. )  And most of the time on FB it’s not good natured ribbing by readers/fans…but just a drive by shot from some jack hole who stumbled onto my post and wants to feel important by giving grief to a big time Illustrator, while he waits for his porn video to download…a porn video of a lonely guy with a flaccid and shriveled, raisin like penis…it’s worth the long search and download as he can easily lose himself in a fantasy so close to his won life, except for the part where the guy in the video is actually having sex.

The point being that the actual website needs to go back to being the destination and FB needs to go back to being the onramp to the website, instead of the other way around.

For THAT…I have to make a more concerted effort to keep updating stuff on my website.  This blog for instance.  I’ll need to go back to writing at least one blog a week on a regular schedule.  This is two wensdays in a row! ya me!  Working on a sidebar for the website where I can post all the entertaining and insightful daily musings and complaining I would usually put on FB

So…blog time….

I got nuthin’.  Other than to remind everyone that the commissions are open ( it’s been over a year) and I’ll only be taking on four a month.  LINK FOR COMMISSIONS HERE.

People have been grumbling for awhile now that I stopped taking commissions, so I commissions to the online store and made an announcement.  That was a few days ago.  So far..NUTHIN’.  Could be people just like to grumble, could be people forgot how awesome my commissions turn out, could be that because I announced it on FB, I might as well have shouted it into the board meeting of a tire distributor…as the stats on the website have shown that FB is all but worthless for promoting your work    (again see previous blog) since people looking for my work find me on their own.

Oh, I supose I could just post a bunch of pics!  Some of these have appeared on Instagram, some have not.

First, some commissions I did in sketchbooks, then some unused cover ideas for the upcoming Valiant alternative covers  I’m doing/have done.  I’ll give you more info and the actual finished cover pics when they give me the OK to do so.  enjoy!


skhlby skklad sktrtl skvadr

Here’s the unused ideas for Ninjak!  First thing , when I go about making a cover sketch with an unfamiliar character is to just play around a little and see what pops up




Sometime a good idea falls right out of your brain…sometimes it’s a gauntlet of scribbling, starting over, crying, scribbling, changing things around, combining things…


Eventually you get some serviceable ideas


OLcutting off the flow
olgoing up OLwarehouse


The one they picked can’t be shown, I can tell you now thought, it’s pretty slick.


And one for Faith!…The others I did up for her…ain’t on the jumpdrive I’m using so maybe I’ll show them to you later.  Before I forget, and speaking of unused stuff…we have added a “scratch and dent/misprint” section to the online store.  Over the course of the year in shipping and packing, we ding up quite a few books, so if you aren’t fussy there’s some stuff there that could use a home”




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