Krampus print set

Still busy, so this blog’s gonna be light on the charm.

Krampus Prints, done, get them.

the end.

…maybe that was a little curt…

These turned out pretty good.  Real different compositions and strengths to the different Krampus prints this year. Last year I couldn’t make up my mind on two somewhat similar but both good sketches, so I just did them both hoping one would be far better than the other.  Funny thing about not investing emotionally in an illustration, it tends to come out faster and just as good as if you agonized over it.

those are here and here (they aren’t on the fancy tea dipped paper, that version of last years is long ago sold out. They still look sharp though because…well…ME)

This year I set out to do two different ones.  The first leans heavily on composition and details. Lots of kids, lot’s of stuff in the room, lot’s of movement.  Turned out well.  The second is one of those that just falls out of your head and adding more ruins the charm.  It’s simple but effective as they say.

I only did 25 on tea dipped paper.  Which is just what it sounds like, you dip the paper in hot tea.  This makes the paper look like it’s from some victorian era childrens book, all old and yellowed.  Or maybe I mean dickensonian?  Did they have mass produced books in the victorian era?  I think maybe they didn’t. I’d look it up but that would lead me to the rabbit hole of Youtube somehow…and then stuck watching documentaries on the victorian era, and then paper production, and the charles dickens, and inevitably somehow a video how he was an alien or a templar or some sh*t.   What was I talking about? Oh yeah tea dipping is kind of a pain in the ass and finding paper that takes the dye right is a process of elimination…so I only managed 25 of each  (well 26, but  I’m keeping one of each because…they look pretty damn cool).

I’ll be shipping right up until the last minute so If you hurry , you’ll have it for Christmas.

You can find them here and here individually

or get the set and save a few bucks here

***scroll all the way down for some pics of them from pencils to finished inks***





KA1 ka2 ka3

right about here I decided the head was wrong and started over…we’ll pick up at this stage of progress from the second attempt.

ka5 ka7 kb1 kb2 kb3 kb4

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