Yeah yeah…Happy Birthday to me…


Thanks to Social Media , when my birthday  is , is no secret.  I don’t know how everyone else does it, but when you have several thousand “friends” on FB…your  wall turns into a giant stream on “happy birthdays” all of which I feel obligated to thank or I feel like a heel.  Which makes for about three hours of posting “thank you” the day after my birthday.  Which really is no thrill for any of us.

SO…I have my setting set so you can’t post but instead have sent you all here.

You can help make my birthday more fun by doing one or several or all of the following…

(yeah, that’s right , i’m going to plug the book again, It’s my birthday I can do what I want.  …listen…I know sometimes it seems  repetitive but There a seven billion things to do on the internet and that many forms of entertainment I’m up against.  I don’t have a marketing department or a big warchest to advertise with or some company backing my play.  I have the quality of my work, my own big mouth, and you.  That’s it.  Tough odds.  Even the opportunities that happen to come my way like Mad or Trip tank are because some reader brought me up or someone who’s fan found a place for me.  Some said “try this guys stuff” or “Doug contact this guy”.  And the readers that find me find me the same way.  I have to do what i can to make sure those keep coming, and more readers and fans keeping coming into the fray, because the reality of what I do is that once a project is done…if you didn’t line up something else, you have nothing else.  Even at the stage of the game I’m at, you stop fighting…your done. And TRUST ME on this, you NEVER know who is looking at your page or anyone elses…If you aren’t standing in the storm holding a kite with a key tied to it, you ain’t gonna catch any lightning.  So…If you will allow me to continue…

1- PLUG THE NEW BOOK..there are only a few days left for people to order, and it is very important to me that Arsenic Lullaby do well (obviously)

this link has details and sneak  previews, and a link to a free PDF of the previous collection

TDOFpostcard front

share whatever you want, cut and paste the pics…send the free pdf around.

Or just skip all that and order it online here

2- Just go to www.Arsenic and enjoy yourself.  the website isn’t the most easily navigated and there is probably stuff you haven’t seen, so go there and kick around a little.

3- Go to the webstore and order something, we just reloaded it for X-mas.  Discount code oldnow is good for 15% off anything in the store until the 24th.

hint- use the left menu for more stuff than what just shows up at first….why you can’t just keep scrolling through everything right on a home page, I don’t know…I don’t… know.  OR click “click here to see all items” and then Click “items per page”…or…I dunno, you figure it out , It’s my birthday.


 also..If I figured this page out…you should be able to leave comments below!


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  1. Boom.
    Happy B-Day.

  2. Happy Birthday hope you have a good one

  3. Happy birthday. Take the time to do something nice for yourself today.

  4. OK, OK…so I won’t wish you a “Happy Birthday.” In fact, I will actually post a link to Arsenic Lullaby on my Facebook page! That way, as many as SIX more people will learn of your twisted talents!

  5. Posted on my facebook page to encourage my friends and family to start reading – Also Love your stuff

  6. HBD Douglas and as always look forward to see you at DANCON 2015

    Mayor Don

  7. Happy birthday you talented curmudgeon.

  8. Happy birthday!!

  9. Happy birthday and may all your evil (and not so evil) wishes come true!

  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for making awesome comics.
    On facebook you can turn off the birthday notification by going to your wall, clicking edit info, then going to “contact and basic info”. Hover over “birthday” and click edit. On the right of that column is a gray icon with an arrow next to it. Click the arrow and then click “only me”. Do this and facebook won’t tell everyone it’s your birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday, Doug! It has been great to follow your work all these years and hopefully for many more to come!

  12. Ok, I’m buying ME something for your birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday you rascal!

  14. happy birthday pal! Lets chat soon.

  15. Happy Birthday.

  16. Happy birthday my friend! Art ON!

  17. Happy birthday, Douglas–cookies to follow. 🙂

  18. Happy birthday man! Thanks for making great art!

  19. Happy birthday Doug, hope it was all you could have ever hoped it would be.

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