boo hoo hoo you’re pretty.


I am staring at my computer screen and on it is some video of an attractive woman walking around new york city getting “cat called”

next to that is some blog with screen shots of various harassing messages from dopes to attractive women.

Let me explain something to all the women out there who have been living in the warm, nurturing, sheltering, bubble of being attractive…

You are attractive, that means you attract.  People want to be near you.  You are listened to no matter how vapid your comments, If you drop your groceries or need help moving something or your car needs a jump start, you will find aid at the ready.   You will get better shifts at work so the manager can be near you instead of someone ugly.  You will get more opportunities, all things being equal, than someone who is unattractive.  Don’t believe me. watch as my car needs a jump start and I tap on a window…that for you would unroll and whose occupant would offer assistance, that for me unrolls unleashing a blast of pepper spray.  Video tape me walking around NY for several hours and you’ll see me get bumped into , cursed at, harassed by vagrants and probably mugged.  Let’s take a video of her asking strangers if she can use their cell phone because she forgot hers and needs to make an important call…they’ll help her because she is an attractive women. Video tape me asking the same thing and you get footage of me  getting the finger over and over. You are attractive and you “attract” . That is just how life is, and it is a double edged sword, because while it often benefits you in ways you don’t consider, often you attract people you don’t want around.  That is the trade off…if you don’t like it …put on 50 pounds and cut your face up with a razor blade.

This video is laughable in its naivety. Does this woman think that she is the only one, who while walking around NY city is accosted by strangers?!  Here’s another shock for you pretty people…the rest of us are regularly annoyed by strangers.  The general public contains rude, belligerent, socially mal adjusted people.  The difference is , the rest of use have not been living a life where people make our problems go away when we ask because we are pretty and and we are not under the delusion that posting such  a video is A- a revelation and B- will change anything.  And by the way ONLY a pretty person would even be able to make a video like this.  Lady, do you think for two seconds that if you where dumpy and had a face full of acne that you would find help to record you WALKING AROUND FOR TEN HOURS?!  And what is this video supposed to do? besides try to make life better for you and other pretty people?  I don’t know if it is more naive or narcissistic to make this, thinking anyone should watch it.  I have some advice for you lady, don’t lose your looks, because that seems to be all you have going for you.

Just consider the disconnect from reality this woman has…while the rest of us are trying to get by on work and our wits…she has time in her day to be filmed wandering around.  When was the last time YOU had ten hours to take a stroll?!

And as for the internet messaging…same rules apply.  You think these messages are creepy?  Try drawing a comic book about cartoon fetuses and see what lands in your inbox.  You’ll be on your knees praying for simple sexual harassment and run of the mill physical threats.  Of course I am a bad example, so consider the revelation, that the rest of the internet world ALSO has to deal with creeps and weirdos.   Would you like to curb that?  Here’s a couple of tricks, try not posting your picture.  Try not posting a picture of you with your chest pouring out of your shirt.  Try not posting several selfies a day. I know..that’s not as much fun …so then deal with the higher percentage of weirdos.  Life is not fair, people are animals…you however have been given the gift of being attractive so you, unlike many others, get some benefits of it’s unfairness.  Consider your FB page.  You post several pics, whose sole point is that you are attractive..and you get responses based on that point…and that seems odd to you?

Here’s an example. This woman is an “
author” this is her FB profile pic.


Now, that it is not a picture of her book, or any awards, or a character she has written, nor any reason to buy her works.  It is a picture of her boobs.  “I’m an author …here’s my rack.”  And you will see at any book signing, comic book convention, horror convention, poem recital or what have you…women such as this selling their wares…to men who do not know nor care what their wares are about or if they are any good.  Are these women willing to return any of that money they earned based on looks?  I would doubt it.  And why should they?  You use whatever you have at your disposal to get ahead in life.    And maybe this woman is a great author, in any case she is using her attractiveness to get people interested in her work.   I don’t have any problem with that, good for her.Attractive people regularly benefit  from their looks, so they are pissing into the wind complaining to me that they don’t want the downside. I can only guess what this authors email looked like after posting this, but  she could have easily  posted a pic of herself signing autographs from a distance or the cover of her book. 

Go on facebook and you will see countless women eating up the attention and encouraging it for the sake of promoting themselves.  Now here is a point I’d like all the women out there so aghast at men viewing them as sex objects..where are they learning it from? Hmmmm? maybe…they are getting the impression that women are primarily sex objects …from women who portray themselves primarily as sex objects?  Maybe? hmm? Maybe there is some blame there?  They are encouraging men to think with their dicks, and you are upset because there are men out their who are thinking with their dicks. Not that much of a stretch if you want to be honest with yourself.  It less of a stretch than blaming me, or thinking I should give a damn.  A female illustrator can crap out any old drawing and get 60  likes and sell a bunch of prints as long as her profile pic shows some cleavage, I don’t complain much about it, they are using any means necessary.  I am very charming and outgoing…does that have anything to do with how well I draw?  Not really…but I use it. and so  I have no right to complain if my charm sticks me with a conversation that goes on too long or a trail of  emails from someone who now thinks we are best buddies.

Again these are just little examples from my particular industry but it goes across the board.  An attractive waitress will get a better shift and better tips, same with an attractive bartender.  All things being equal an attractive women will do better in a job interview than an unattractive woman.  It is what it is, and I don’t complain…until now.

Until I see some crybaby sheltered nitwits posting “whoah is me” because they have to deal with the bad that goes along with the good.  Boo hoo hoo you don’t get to only attract the people you want to.  NO ONE DOES.  In fact there is a good percentage of people who have a hard time attracting anyone.  The rest of us deal with assholes all the time, and many of us can’t help but think ”  life would be so much easier if I had a great pair of boobs and these social primates where trying to impress me, help me move up the ladder to gain my approval,or buy me drink rather than just annoying the F out of me.”  The point being…these creepy a-holes are saying annoying stuff to ALL of us, they are just saying different annoying stuff to you.  I know it must be hard for someone who is regularly the apple of others eyes, and made to feel special because they are attractive, to understand that yes..even an average person has to deal with assholes.

ISIS, an election, Ebola, the economy, whatever the Russia is up too…and this pretty person saw fit to record ten hours of herself and post it to the internet so we can all see how bad she has it.  What vapid, blind narcissism.  Excuse me while I go to the store to get some Kleenex to dry my tears.  While I do, I will make note that an average looking employee who is stocking the shelves and lifting boxes while the attractive female employee is in the managers office doing paperwork.

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