Casper …what kinda samples do I got?

I mentioned on some email updates, ( you should really sign up for those Here they have more than I post here) that I emailed American Mythology, the Company that currently publishes Casper the Friendly Ghost, that I wanted to do work on that comic.

I made it as clear as I could that it wasn’t a joke…seeing as how I’m known for really much darker stuff. The thing is that those old Casper books is what most of us got started on comics and I have a fondness for the simplicity of the storytelling. The illustrations were charming and the storytelling was to the point and very technically solid. So, it’s something I genuinely want to do.

They were nice enough, getting back to me with a reply about having their schedule full and figured out until 2020. To which I replied “IDGAF add more to your schedule”. I didn’t say like that…I was more charming. But that was the beginning of what is becoming a strange odyssey of them fighting the inevitable even though it’s good for them. Like when your dog doesn’t want to go to the vet .

So….Let’s look at what we have on the playing field here…what do I have to work with to get them to see the light? My portfolio/resume is as solid as you could ask for…

THEY…sell a decent amount of comics. But nearly so many that they should be balking at an offer from me. I’ve seen their numbers and I can increase them by a good 20% easily.

They have a solid bunch of people working on their books, but they don’t have anyone working on Casper who brings to the table what I do in the skill department. That’s not dig on the current guys…I have a unique skill set and work in a style that is unlike anything else EXCEPT old 50’s cartoon styles.

what’s that line from Bane in the Batman movie? “I was born in the darkness molded by it”

I should find some choice cuts to show them on the off chance they have been living under a rock and haven’t seen my work. I’m gonna be honest…I don’t have a lot of “G” rated material. Even though my style is kid friendly, the stories I have written ( up to this point) and not. That’s “not” with a capitol “N”.

I don’t want to have to draw up a bunch of samples…because that’s like working for free…So let’s see what I have that I can send them…what do I have that’s cute?

What’s this here? a kid on a Big Wheel! That’s cute!


YIKES! Did I write that?? Maybe I could erase the words…or get rid of the last panel…and the second panel…


There…maybe…let’s keep looking



This next one might be a legit possibility



what else…


Okay…that one for sure is fine if I erase all the words.


Now we’re getting somewhere…what else…


Let’s fix that one



what’s this one?


hmm…I dunno…a guy with a stump…is that pg?


That’s probably a big fat no.

Maybe I should just stick to single images…what do I have handy as far as published covers…


Whoops! That last one is not good..I gotta make sure to leave that one out.

I’ll give this some thought before I have to dial things up. Everything is on the table…threats, creating a sample script, attacking one of them in a parking lot, creating a sample cover or illustration of some kind, faking a life threatening illness that leaves me with just enough time to do one last book ( Casper) , blackmail, injecting them with some sort of poison that only I have the antidote for…I’m probably forgetting other options…I have a list somewhere.

Oh…and there is always plan B.

I’ll keep you posted…

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