Why I don’t allow comments

I don’t allow any comments on my Facebook Page anymore…I just delete any that show up and block whoever posts them. Until webmaster Joe has time to set this blog in some way that only people who aren’t jackasses can post…the comments section here is inoperable.  Why?  I’ll give you an example…

I was explaining the abject short sighted stupidity of bootleg prints.  I had laid out thoughtful, knowledgeable reasons that it is far better to create your own work than illegally using copyrighted characters. ( here )

Because the wordpress/blog page is on a new platform that I haven’t worked the bugs out of yet, and didn’t have the “disable comments” thing turned on at first…up popped moronic comments.

 On any given day I have thousands of people reading my blogs/ on my social media pages and I have no idea who they are, where they came from, and they sometimes have just as little information about me. and the percentage of them that actually make a valid point, showing they understood anything they read, ( or even read beyond the headline) is about .02.

And of that percentage, the percentage of them that comment that are butt hurt and let fly with insults is 90%.  I need that?  no.

  I could waste my time trying to educate these cretins, which is a dumb road to go down… getting into online spats is basically all they live for, and no point no matter how valid or insult no matter how visceral will do anything but encourage them. People with FB pages or blogs with only readers that they know personally  don’t have to go through this to the same degree, and so maybe don’t quite understand the disposition you have to deal with from these people.  They are simply looking for attention, and a platform to reach far more people than they could get on their own.  And trust me…it’s not long into the exchange before they have dug into who your family is and where you all live and making threats.

My other two choices are ignore a moronic comment on my own page by some dimwit that came from who knows where…or delete it.  So, I just super cede all that now and don’t allow comments. It works out nice.

As I said, a couple comments slipped through on the bootleg prints blog. One in particular , is a standard example…

Here’s some choice excerpts of his seven paragraphs of yapping-

“Kid… Tough shit.”

“you’re an idiot”

 ” stop writing EXTREMELY LONG blogs whining about it. “

Maybe, stop reading “extremely long blogs” that don’t have anything to do with you, that no one asked you to read?…maybe?…maybe that’s be a good way to go?

To be fair, it’s a publicly view-able blog and I am, of sorts, a public figure.  In reality, I am also a person.  People seem to forget that on the internet…that they are interacting with people, even professional entertainers are people. While I am technically a professional entertainer, do keep in mind I am a person…a person who is thinking “who the f*ck this guy and why is he bothering me?”.  As far as I can tell he’s not, nor ever been on my email list, so I didn’t go to him…he’s just some goon…wandering the internet just dying to tell people a thing or two…there is no shortage of his ilk.

This by the way, is almost NEVER the work of a millennial. Say what you will about them, they understand internet educate, and are usually polite and respectful even when they disagree. This is a grown-ass man, with grey hair and everything (picture coming, be patient)…reading a blog about an industry that he does not work in, that no one asked him to read and typing a response almost as long as the blog itself including “you’re an idiot”…to the writer of the blog…that he’s never met…about an industry he himself does not work in…by someone who actually does work in that industry.   These people vote…that’s what scares me.

I’d like to point out how little the goof grasped who he was talking to or what was being talked about.  That’s the other problem with responding to these dopes…you end up looking like a bully or an egomaniac.  BUT, I don’t care about looking like those things, because I am those things, so here we go…

“If you’re asking every artist to only come up with ORIGINAL CHARACTERS OF THEIR OWN and sell prints of only those, then this isn’t the industry for you. I would suggest the food service or housekeeping industry for someone with your top-flight qualifications. “

“good luck in the future, in whatever career you have. If you decide to stick to your principles and tell people you will ONLY draw your own original stuff, then remember- you are not an artist who only works at Applebee’s until you become a comic artist. You are an employee at Applebee’s who does some drawing on the weekends. Lean into that.”

He is speaking here to -Douglas Paszkiewicz, a Harvey Award Nominee, Eisner Award Nominee, and Comicdom Award Nominee, an Illustrator/writer with a 15 plus year career which includes work on Arsenic Lullaby-Image Comics-Valiant Comics-The Tick- Mad Magazine -Comedy Central and others.

…who has accomplished all that not only with “ORIGINAL CHARACTERS” but often times R rated nitche content.  This is like telling Frank Zappa not to live off of doing covers of other people’s songs…wut..da..fuq.  What a  moron.  “original characters”? How about a ZOMBIE CARTOON FETUS?  and not a zombie cartoon fetus in 2018…I was doing this when GW Bush was still in office.  A big ole cartoon fetus, right smack on the cover, and I built a career on that. So yeah…I have every confidence that what I say can be done, can actually be done. And I wasn’t “asking” anyone to do anything. I was pointing out, to people not as accomplished as I am, that the course they are taking is going to keep them in my rear view mirror instead of passing me up.  So, they guy didn’t even grasp what he was reading.  dumbass.

 This is the kinda sh*t you get, though. The kinda lunkheads that type into the comments.  Would you want to deal with this? You might not be able to relate if you have a more conventional job and only have people you actually know on your social media.  So Imagine…uh..you’re a welder. And you write something about how it is safer to wear a full face shield than just blackout goggles…and two minutes later a dentist in Ohio that you never met, comments that you are full of sh8t.   and it’s every day.  Good morning, here’s all the complete strangers who have insulted you today.  How long would you put up with that? I like butting heads online and having people bust my chops…but that’s not what it is anymore….it’s just jackasses.

I’m going to drift off track for just a moment.  I understand he is quoting Ghostbusters with that line about foodservice, but really…who the f*ck is he to mock foodservice or housekeeping jobs?  I looked at his FB page, there were no pictures of him speaking at the U.N. or performing open heart surgery.  I’ve had a lot of regular jobs before my career took off and I never once hung my head low.  Anyone who has a job and is paying their bills deserves some respect.  I don’t make fun of other jobs and I have a job that seems cool. what a dickhead…honestly.

By the way…if you work at an Applebees in Utica NY and see this guy…

Just know as you prepare his food that he doesn’t think much of you.  You know what type he looks like? He looks like the guy who says to the waitress at the beginning “I’m putting twenty singles on the table as your tip and every time something about the service isn’t good, I take one away”.  You know that move if you’ve ever worked food service.  When I lived in FL I was a cook at a big tourist trap Mexican restaurant and at least once a night some douche like that would come in…I’d know because a waitress would let us know.  That face above…that is the face of a man who has unknowingly eaten a lot of food that had been first, ceremoniously, put on the floor, and/or licked by everyone in the kitchen.

Oh, I’m sorry…is it not fair game to post his picture?  I’m not anonymous, anything I say in a blog can easily be traced back to me. Why isn’t turnabout fair play?  Perhaps…other such dopes will see this and realize that no one is anonymous on the internet if you catch the wrong person in a juvenile moment, and maybe they’ll chill out with the unnecessary sh*tty comments. I doubt it , but one can hope.  But…look at that picture and go back and read the excerpts…gives it a whole new dimension.

Oh…or here…look at that and read his opening salvo-

“Seriously, you couldn’t pay me to read through that blog post again. But here’s my takeaway-“

Oh lord…”here’s my takeaway”…this is the kinda douche who wore his pager on his belt, even though it fit in his pocket, so everyone’d think he’s important.  and here he is commenting on blog…why?

…he’s got “the waitress walked past without refilling my water…there goes a dollar (makes big show of putting it back into his wallet)” written all over his face.  He’s got a little dr.who tartis polo shirt…probably has a whole Dr.Who costume, strangles himself with the scarf while masturbating and when he comes too, all light headed and disoriented, he pops online and comments on random blogs. “oooohhh where am I…I gotta get online and tell someone they’re wrong.”

  and by the way he says “tough shit”…in a blog where I CLEARLY censor my own curse words.  …a grown man spent his time typing that…you can’t make this up.  and it happens ALL THE TIME.

You should see my email box, you should see the stuff I delete from my FB page.  Grown adults who want to bring up politics on a post that has nothing to do with politics, people who drop the F-bomb and C-bomb as if they were 9 feet tall and made of muscle.  I had a guy come on to make a joke about Rape on a post that was meant to be serious and hopeful.  Let that sink in a minute.  and let it sink in that I have to delete soooo much bullsh*t that for a minute it didn’t even faze me how asinine it truly was.  I’ve had people come on and use racial slurs, homophobic slurs, anti Semitic slurs…you name it, I’ve had to delete it.

I understand that in my case, people think anything and everything is fair game and I have no respect or deference for any sacred cow.  But that’s not true. I respect a great many things and people, and the things and people I don’t, understand why others do. The jokes I write, comics I make, have that foundation under them…it’s the difference between a horrific edgy joke and dumb shock.  It’s knowing that this damn well better be funny enough to justify the subject matter I’m delving into.  It’s walking a tightrope, people see me do and think it’s easy and what I get in the comments are often just vile.

I’ll say this again, because it’s worth pointing out twice…every time I bother to check, it’s not a millennial doing this.  It’s almost a rule, the worse and more vile the comment, the older the person is.  You can call millennials “snowflakes” all day long…the truth of it is that they don’t hold anyone to a standard that they don’t also hold themselves too. they walk the walk.  They treat other people how they’d want to be treated.

Maybe the jackasses see a bald white guy and assume I’m a skinhead?  Do they not stop to consider that perhaps I have friends, relatives, people I care about who are not white? Who are gay? Who are Jewish? for that matter…who told them I’m not gay or Jewish? and even if none of those things where the case…who told them I was the kind of piece of sh*t who would think it’s fine to have that posted on his page?  If I just fell out of my Caucasian mothers dress and never met anyone who was different I STILL would know those comments are vile.

AND…if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s always completely off the point of whatever I was saying.  I’m half convinced there’s just some bots running that post crazy ass a-holery at random.

People missing or ignoring the point is so f*cking tiresome.  Did I mention I’m a person?  I make the effort, to make a funny or insightful post… that I’m not getting paid for,  (I get paid to write comedy y’understand, so I’m basically giving you something for free.) and someone comes on and leaves a comment that ignores what the actual post was.   It goes like this- I’ll make some joke about say…GW Bush getting a haircut, and in 30 seconds someone will reply about how 9-11 was in inside job.  Missing the joke, missing the point, missing the tone.  and it’s not just morons, the internet…it does something to human brains…like you have a big Rolodex in your heads of sh*t you are just dying to tell someone and you see a word, or phrase and the Rolodex spins to an adjoining thing you are just dying to tell someone relating to that and clickity click click click -enter- there it is…on my page.  You wouldn’t do that in a face to face conversation, because you’d look like an imbecile

me-“so I saw a picture of GW Bush getting a haircut and …”

you-” 9-11 was perpetrated by the CIA, here’s a story about it.”

Only online does this happen.  It turns what could be a nice little break in my day, into something that crushes my faith in humanity. and after that someone will come on and crush it some more with an insult or bigotry.

Maybe all of us public, and semi public figures should start making examples of people from time to time.  look at the pages of any public figure and you’ll find strings of sh*tty comments and insults from anonymous jackasses who they have never met, and who they didn’t seek out or ask them to come to their page. Do these people see a co-worker post something they disagree with and just curse at them online? Of course not…because they’d have to answer for it later.  They do this to public figures that they know they’ll never meet. Everyone’s brave when they are anonymous, I get that.  But not everyone is a complete a-hole when they are anonymous, just a-holes are.

  “Anonymous” is a tenacious, fleeting position online.  If you have a decent webmaster they can find all sorts of stuff.  You just go “find this c8cksucker, would ya?” and it becomes a game to them.  They figure out the guys IP address or figure out what page they had been on that sent them to yours and the next thing you know, you have all sorts of stuff you can put out depending on how much of an example you want to make out of him/her.  You think you’re anonymous?  You’re four clicks away from someone knowing where you work.  Fair is fair, right?  We’re easy to find, we have no anonymity when we say anything.  Hell, I even use my real name (although, I am considering shortening it, as Paszkiewicz is be tough for fans to google, but ironically doesn’t deter lunatics). Anything I’ve ever done or said is out their to be found and used to beat me over the head with…and IS used for such, often.  And when that doesn’t get the reaction they are looking for…the threats are soon to follow.  Maybe getting a death threat sounds scary to you…at this point I barely even notice them, people just whip them out of the holster like an emoticon…because why not right?  They think they’re anonymous.

Of course here, there is now the possibility that someone on my massive email list who lives in his area and works in food service will see this particular numbskull one day and he will may once again unknowingly eat food that had been first, ceremoniously, put on the floor, and/or licked by everyone in the kitchen. One can hope.

Anyways…I’m not shy about blathering on about all the great work I’ve done, and every single blog has a link to my webpage…one click of his mouse would send him to that webpage which has a giant banner spouting off about all the things I’ve done. So, he’s stupid and lazy.

get a load of this part…

“you are going to find that your fellow vendors at those cons are going to freeze you out and those hours sitting at that table are going to be long and lonely.”

(laughing coffee through my nose) Oh yeah…I’m real lonely at cons.  I’m not there to make friends, goofball. I’m there to move product, which I do.

I considered posting his name and facebook page, but nah…that veers down an uglier road than is necessary for the purpose of this blog, and he was just a jackass not a bigot.

But…you never know…all you a-holes out there who post insults, bigotry and jackassery… you just never know which public figure will decide that today is the day and you are the person who they are going to make a hobby out of. Why just imagine, you puff out your chest and fire off some douche-baggery, homophobia, racism, whatever at some entertainer..and he/she decides to re-post it along with your FB page, where you work, ect…for alllll their followers to see…. Maybe you’re a loon with a lot of free time, but that’s still a loosing hand compared to the percentage of people with free time who will see that re-post, maybe one of them will be your boss. Fair is fair…people bust their ass trying to get entertainers fired for comments…how about YOUR comments?  How about YOUR boss and co-workers and H.R. seeing what you post at 2am?  I bet a rape joke wouldn’t go over too well with them. Better yet, maybe in the spirit of things, we’ll do it anonymously…from some fake email claiming to be a concerned co-worker.

Anyways, I won’t post this guys name, and I’ve disabled the comments option.

  My name is MR. PASZKIEWICZ.  and I worked my ass off to get where I am and I don’t speak/blog of things unless I am knowledgeable of them more so than the average person who has not gotten as far as I have or unless I have some unique the perspective on them.  I’m here to have a few laughs with my readers or people interested in my take on things…not to absorb your bullsh*t.  and no one else online is there to absorb your bullsh*t. So how about you grow the f8ck up.  Maybe before you post something…ask yourself these questions

1-have I actually read the whole thing and understand the point?

2-am I responding to THE POINT…not commenting on the subject in general but the POINT the person made?

3-am I cursing on a page where no one else is cursing?

4-am I insulting someone that hasn’t insulted me?

5-do I even know who the hell I’m talking to

6-would I say this same thing, the same way if the person were standing right in front of me?

and finally, Lord forbid…

7-is my comment worth reading?

or just run it by a millennial before you hit -enter-, they seem to be a lot more mature on the internet than everyone else.


When Douglas is not complaining, he and his work can be found here


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