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Not much to complain about right now so I thought I’d just throw up a few things I’m working on / recently finished.  There’s more but this is all I felt like scanning…disgusted with the rest right now.

Here’s a small Flamming Carrot commission…remember If you want a commission NOW is the time to get it, once we get into March I’m as busy as a moth in a light bulb factory (that was lame, let me try again) I’m as busy as a Dingo in a maternity ward (eh…a little better).

Commission info here http://www.arseniclullabies.com/PREVIEWCOM.html

Here’s a Mars Attacks/Dr.Who cross over.  It was a great idea and something I really wanted to hit out of the park…which lead to , as it usually does, me over thinking the hell out of it. Fortunately , as it usually does, it’s turning out to be worth the extra time..

Here’s the original rough…which I tooled around with moving elements around, up, down, back and forth…

Until I finally settled on this (still fighting with the top frames…might make three long panels instead of three narrow ones…or not.  Often times your first idea turns out to be the best all along. 

time to start inking.  I use a brush for everything (even those long straight lines because…I’m just that good.).  The thing about using a brush is that it is made out of hair…and so humidity affects it.  If it’s 40-60 percent humidity the brush’ll bend, curve, stay straight, flex and every other thing you want it to do, but if the humidity drops and it’s too dry, the brush pretty much says “f*ck you” and all it will do is straight lines.  Which is great if you have a lot of straight lines.  Which is why I keep one of these gauges on my desk.  Why fight the ocean? If it’s straight line weather I’ll know it, and if it’s curved line weather, I’ll know that too.

A bit of a struggle but some progress

At  this point I learned through research (because I loath Dr.Who I didn’t know this) that the “Dr.” has sevreal versions of the sonic screwdriver…I had to go back and ask which one to use.

Which of course brings me to the need for a cover for the next book.  Some guys are great at cover layouts, the just have a talent or instinct or some skill set that makes it seem easy, Mike Mignolia comes to mind.  For me, since my strong suit is using the rhythm of many panels to tell the story, having on single shot to grab attention is a big pain in the ass.  I mostly just scribble until inspiration hits…and it DID…right here…BAM!

What do You mean you don’t see anything? Right there, right hand side, middle of the page…

Fine…here it is a little more refined

Still have some jacking around to do with it.  Although…there is a problem…this scene has almost ZERO to do with the Joe story.  I may use it for a “best of VooDoo Joe” book and PDF.  It’s too good not to use for something.  The thing too with cover ideas is they come in bunches, so hopefully polishing this up will lead to my brain spitting out something else.  I’ll keep you posted.

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