…I wrote this whole blog once already and the computer crashed.  And this is the third time I have tried to get the photos to upload. So you’re getting the bullet points because I’m busy AF. -Herndon and I met many many years ago. -Became fast friends. -At the time… Continue reading


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The Tick wants your help

  ***UPDATE*** (Tick sneak previews below…right after the info you need to get it/rant about independent publishing) When you have things published in the comic book industry and you are not part of the big 2 ( Marvel and DC) you have to work your ass off, take no chances,… Continue reading


***UPDATE*** Missed making a blog last week, because of a case of bronchitis, I was almost dead, but I’m okay now. I’m not sure if it’s contagious and I caught it at MPS Comic-con, but if I did…whoever gave it to me…I’ll see you in hell. I’ve got a lot… Continue reading

in the age of dinosaurs I used to color this way

I got a package in the mail the other day that maybe you’ll find interesting. It was from Mad Magazine(remember them?).  They are “moving their offices” (cough cough see blog here cough) and they are returning artwork they still had to their respective illustrators.   Even when I started most people… Continue reading

Making of a cover for…The Tick

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be illustrating a new The Tick series! Today, you get to see the cover’s finished inks! and just for grins, some progress shots, and what went into the making of it. Coupon Code- spring17- is good for 20% off your total order!  So go… Continue reading

You can’t say I didn’t warn them…

“You can’t say I didn’t warn them” …which is a nice way of saying “I told you so” …which is a nice way of saying “I tried to get those idiots to understand that they were headed for disaster, but they would not listen” “Douglas…can you be more specific?  You… Continue reading


The big news! ***subscribers to our email updates found out about this two weeks ago…you really should sign up HERE****   Ever have good news and you have to sit on it so long that by the time you can tell everyone it feels really anti-climactic? And everyone is all… Continue reading

Iron Fist…things I haven’t heard mentioned yet.

Iron Fist came out on netflix Friday.  ***this review is spoiler free…so don’t worry, anything I mention is vague or was shown in the previews ***  I had no expectations. I didn’t care for the character much as a kid, I didn’t as an adult…The only reason I knew about… Continue reading

The TWO best Comic-cons?

Occasionally, as entertaining as it is when I complain, someone will respond by asking me to point out something good.  Why not just ask a politician to turn down money? It goes against the balance of the universe. But, I am going to make an exception “in the interest of… Continue reading