We EARN your cash

Before you spend one more red cent on a comic book owned by a giant corporation, that doesn’t give a rats ass about the characters you know and love, the continuity of the mythos you grew up with, how much they are overcharging you, or even the quality of their… Continue reading

Commissions are closed.

well, that’s that. I gave you til the 1st of March to get on the list.   I’m going to finish the remaining commissions up and move onto focusing on the next book.  Although NSN Art seems to have found a place where I can make use of the extra guts… Continue reading

“we’re gonna have to put a little overtime in on this one”

This job was a lot easier when I wasn’t as good at it. I’ve been going around and around trying to hammer out a cover for the next book featuring Voodoo Joe.  I came up with some decent ideas but nothing that was great.  It’s like…according to the 10,000 hours… Continue reading

I don’t know why you people put up with this sh*t

Illustrating a comic book means telling a story with words and pictures. The better someone is at this the  better they are using words, pictures, and panels…and camera angles, vanishing points, backgrounds, panel composition and overall page composition…and about a dozen other tools, to making a compelling story that draws… Continue reading


    DOUGLAS PASZKIEIWCZ COMMISSION GUIDELINES Douglas Paszkiewicz has been in the comic book industry for 10 years.  He has been or is a contributor to Too Much Coffee Man magazine, Pete the P.O. ‘d Postal Worker, Image Comics, Mad Magazine, Topps Mars Attacks trading card set 2013. His own… Continue reading

Funny is funny…and there are reasons.

“The key element in any attempt at humor is conflict. Our brain is suddenly jolted into trying to accept something that is unacceptable. “ Gary Larson Stay with me for a minute, and you’re going to learn an awful lot about comedy writting. Every once in a while some back… Continue reading

Cover theory or A tale of two Joe’s

I loath drawing covers. When you are making a story and working on story pages, the key is thought and hard work.  There are a tool box full of techniques you can use to punch up the page and it is simply a matter of using your brain and figuring… Continue reading

yeah…I guess they do impair your motor skills.

So…when we last left our hero he had a handful of stitches…a prescription for painkillers and a rare day off. The results are why I try not to have free time. I noticed the painkillers had the usual warning label “don’t take with alcohol ” “will impair motor skills” ect. … Continue reading

The planning of a page

Here is a breakdown of the planning that went into the magician joke from the previous blog .  by the way…Ordered the new book yet?  this is your LAST DAY http://www.tfaw.com/Profile/Arsenic-Lullaby-The-Big-Stall___413209   Continue reading