I’m not dead, I’m working



Sometimes it seems like I just fell off the face of the earth.  If I worked in an office or a factory where I had co-workers, someone would be able to account for my still being alive during the times of the year I am putting in 12 hour days…but I don’t.  Sometimes I wonder if I dropped dead at my desk, how long it would take for anyone to figure out I am dead.  No co-workers, no regular schedule of daily events someone would notice me missing from.  I am sure the guy at the gas station would wonder why I haven’t come in for an energy drink in awhile…maybe.  He would defiantly notice the inventory wasn’t moving as fast as it used to.

The thing about my job to that is strange is that no one gets to see what I am doing until months after I do it.  A plumber comes in to fix your sink…a couple hours later you can use the sink again and see he was actually doing something.  My job though entails things like deadlines and printers, and you do a lot of work all at once without anyone really knowing what the hell you do all day.  Posting everything I do day to day on the internet would be counter productive.  If you want someone to pick up the book, you don’t want to give away the end…even if you could use some gratification on any given day for the work you put in.

It’s a weird job, not just because I draw cartoon fetuses…but because of the delayed payback of it all.

anyways…here some sneak peeks at things I have been working on over the winter.  That are just about to be in your hands.  These are random sections of pages with no words, so you can see what’s been going on without spoiling too much.  Except for the border lines, everything was inked with a brush, which is why it looks unique and often has almost a faint old school 3-d effect (the very bottom panel is a good example of that)…it is also why it takes 12 hours a page.







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