B sides

It’s kind of depressing when I think about all the drawing I do that no one ever actually sees. 

There are of course the rough drafts and thumbnail sketches/preliminary drawings that I make when I plan out a story/page.  Planning out the page takes almost as much time as drawing it out.  You’re talking about four of five pages of sketches for each page I do.  How much of that is beneficial and how much is neurosis is debatable…I tell myself it’s debatable, the correct answer is probably 10%.

Then, because I still do things old school (for now) and glue the work balloons to the page…I cover up about 5% of finished, inked illustrations. Some of it is just ceiling lines, but every once in a while I find myself gluing right over a ceiling fan that I spent an hour putting into 3 point perspective ( an argument against all that planning I talked about being beneficial).

Then there are things like this…


I was going to use this for a cover but ended up writing the scene out of the book altogether, which is a real shame because it’s pretty cool.  It would have sucked as a cover anyway though.  It would have had to be a wrap around cover and when you look at just the right side…it’s not all that interesting.  Luckily I realized all this before I finished and inked the bastard.

Also as I look at it now…there we all see a kitchen ceiling light that would have been covered by the logo….sigh.

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