Reasons I am sick of Facebook

I can see why the young people are leaving…I’ve just about had enough of Facebook…

All my newsfeed does now is annoy the sh*t out of me.  The following things have made FB no longer fun.

1-Everybody reposting and believing everything they see that they want to believe. “Obama said all Israel should be ground into the dust” “Rush Limbaugh said all gays are the devil” hey dumbasses…if something sounds insanely inflammatory it is either made up or taken out of context 99.99999999999999% of the time.  You not liking someone doesn’t give you an excuse to shut off your brain and believe every derogatory thing about them.  Can’t you just disagree with a guy on the things you know for a fact they have said and done?  And who says that ANYONE is 100% wrong all the time?  Are you all simpletons or what?  If a nazi skinhead ran into your building and said “the building is on FIRE!”…would you just sit there and get burned alive because that guy doesn’t like Gays , Jews or Blacks and so he must also be incorrect on what is or is not a fire?

2-science vs religion arguments about how the world started.  If you believe anyone walking the earth right now has the slightest idea what happened before there WAS an earth…you are delusional, and missing the point of what can be gained by science and/or religion.   Science, while undeniably important and useful…doesn’t even understand what gravity is.  How about you understand it’s limits…and the limits of what a human in 2014 , no matter how smart…can possibly grasp about the beginning of the f*cking universe.  And for Religion…hey …That bible is like 800 pages long and about two paragraphs are devoted to how the world began…seems  to me like that means THAT HOW THE WORLD BEGAN AIN’T THE POINT OR ANY OF YOUR CONCERN.  Both sides…listen to me as hard as you can…We will all be dead in 100 years so what the f*ck difference does it make what happened several billion years ago or 6000 years ago?  Use religion to understand how to not be an asshole, and use science to not get Ebola.

3-my newsfeed rotten with videos…usually the same video.  I never thought I’d see the day when I missed people posting pictures of their food…at least everyone had different food and my newsfeed had some variety.

4- the stark lack of vague posts about disastrous relationships going down in flames.  Just because we said we don’t want to see it…doesn’t mean we didn’t secretly enjoy it.

5- cleavage = credibility. I don’t have a problem with someone getting by on their looks..I do have a problem with anyone over 22 who does not realize there is probably a reason someone is trying to get by on their looks.  I don’t have a problem with people using FB to get laid or show off…However, what are you really getting out of being one of 148 lonely people clicking “like” on some airheads  “insights” or  post/pic/”cosplay costume”…other than proving you only need one hand to masturbate   ( note that the quotation marks imply sarcasm).  And what are you getting out of having 148 lonely people masturbating to your picture or pretending what you had to say wasn’t incredibly vapid in order to suck up? I don’t know why this is annoying me lately…other than the sick symbiotic circle jerk seems to be becoming a counter-culture.  The culture of pretending something that’s a fap session isn’t a fap session… “cosplay”… give me a break.  When I start seeing hot girls “cosplaying” as a superhero who’s 90% covered by their costume, I’ll start taking it seriously.  Until then,  “cosplayers” and “fans” are just two sides of the same low self-esteem coin.  This one isn’t restricted to “cosplayers” but it’s the best example I can think of right now of a talentless buffoon being given validation in exchange for the validator being able to think one day..if nothing in the world was as it is now…that “like” will be remembered and get him laid. 

It used to be, before social networking, a really hot airhead would be treated like she was more interesting than she was by a couple of guys she knew…now a deluge of sad internet losers are there to tell her whatever they think she wants to hear until all of them are living in a false reality, and I am seeing shitty pictures, stupid advice, vapid and mind-numbing opinions being reposted on my newsfeed…originating from some “liberal arts major” who’s profile pics are basically a pair of tits.  Well pair of’ve really given me something to think about with that meme about being positive.  How can I get such a positive outlook?  Oh…I know, I’ll have a pair off 22 year old boobs attached to myself so any stupid thing I say or do is given positive re-enforcement.    I know it seems like I am being mean, but it’s not healthy.

And maybe it could be assumed I am jealous of the attention their posts get.   First off, when I spend 20 hours illustrating something by hand, that no one else in human civilization has done, and done it with a level of skill that maybe a few hundred people on the planet are capable of…and it’s neck and neck for approval with some broad dressed like smurfette holding a dildo painted to look like a mushroom…It is a tad annoying  ( okay I haven’t actually seen this smurfette picture but it’s probably out there…and if it isn’t it, should be , because that would actually be pretty funny), but no, I can honestly say that’s not why this has caught my ire.  I didn’t fall out  of my mothers dress thinking life was fair, and someone using their looks to draw attention to their works is fair game anyway,  my charm and ability to be outgoing has little to do with an illustration of Cthulhu but I use that to draw attention …it’s no more tilted than some guy getting attention because he currently draws a 60 year old character that a dead guy came up with.  So it’s truly not a competitive irritance…it’s, like I said, a dis-ingenuous, self serving, enabling, circle jerk that I really wish I could block somehow because it make me squirm.

Last week a bunch of celebrities got naked pics of them leaked onto the internet…while that is slimy…at least everyone involved in that knew what the score was and was not pretending it was anything else.  Some tart in a cape posting picks for people to stroke off  to, that people have the nerve to pretend is some sort of art’s and crafts skill set, I can’t get on board with.  It kinda makes my skin crawl.

Whatever…be a bunch of creeps living in denial, I don’t care..I just want some way to not see it on my newsfeed.

On a related note…to the people who had the gall to see the recent Spider Woman cover with her ass in the air and cried sexism…come down to a comic book convention, I’ll show you two dozen women dressed as a super hero prancing around more suggestively than that.  And where the hell have you been anyway?  85% of super hero comics are soft core porn now.  You noticed THIS cover because the guy actually knew how to draw a woman, but there have been more bent over, tit’s pouring out, objectifying women, female super heroes on comic book covers the last five years than you can shake a sticky keypad at.

6-spoilers.  Call me old-fashioned but I don’t want to know the end of Avengers 2 until 85 minutes into actually watching Avengers 2.  Same goes for WWE, or anything else.  The WWE fans are the worst…the second a pay per view match ends ” I CAN’T BELIEVE THE UNDERTAKER LOST!!”  …Really…I can’t believe Israel is still standing or that a dirty bomb hasn’t gone off in a major U.S. city yet…and while trying to escape from the gravity of the world news, I’d like to watch some stupid wrestling match without having the ending ruined.   This includes whatever interview for a film or t.v. show  you read before the film or show is even in production.  You aren’t an undercover reporter, if YOU found the story, that means anyone else who wanted to find it on the internet could.  There is no need for you to post it…other than you ran out of selfies showing your tits, can’t see through the tears to type out that your relationship is over, or ran out of yellow journalism to repost.

Anyways…I’ll be in at the Cincinnati comic expo this weekend, in a hell of my own making.  Come say hello

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