Don’t- set dogs on fire Do- announce concerts on a timely basis

Been feeling old lately…well..that’s not really true, I don’t feel old, but I have been more aware that I am getting old…that’s a more accurate way  of putting it.  So, to fight it off I have been listening to the college radio station. That’s what hip young people do, so I thought I’d try to “plug into the vibe maaannn.”

Turns out I’m not as out of touch as I thought because I already listen to a lot of their playlist.

SO, they play some version of “such great heights” that I never heard before and actually kind of liked and out of curiosity I go to their website to see if they have info on who sung it and I see THIS

Hey thanks worthless college radio station…every hour in the hour you blather on about some dumbass community social engineering bullsh*t event…but you FAIL to mention on the air that Henry Rollings and GoGo Berdello was live onstage 80 minutes from my house.  and tomorrow Die Antword and Wu Tang Clan at the same location…YOU’RE A F*CKING RADIO STATION FOR COLLEGE KIDS…HOW ABOUT YOU MENTION WHEN THE BANDS THAT YOU PLAY ARE IN THE GD AREA?!

That holds more interest for your listeners than when the “local black professionals meet up”  is or the dumb broad who wants to organize a flyer drop to raise awareness of animal abuse…I’m not making that up.  ( Yes it is  a terrible thing that her dog got burned up…my first question would be how did someone “steal ” your dog?  out of your own yard?  I’ve never heard of that…I HAVE heard of plenty of dumbass dog owners who let the dog out without a leash thinking it understands one single word they are saying to it when they explain “okay, now you play in the nice sun but don’t go past the sidewalk…I’m going to go inside now but I’ll be back shortly”

……”stolen from her backyard”  I’m going to need to see video tape of that.  This story does not add up, someone grabbed her dog , from a fairly wealthy neighborhood, set it on fire, and then let it go.  Does that make any sense?  I know there are sick people out there…but this is a lot of effort for no particular purpose.  Even deranged people have some sort of methodology.  How does a dog with burns over 90% of it’s body manage to get back home?  It’s eye lids were burned, and it sure as f*ck ain’t going to be able to follow a sent back to it’s home. If I was the cops I’d be questioning her, because it’d make more sense that the dumb broad set it on fire accidentally or it fell into the fireplace or knocked the gill on itself and she made up the whole story.  BUT…fine…I am a callous person and her little fairly tale may be true that someone who was just dying to burn up a dog saw a crime of opportunity.  Whatever…her dog got hurt (because she wasn’t keeping an eye on it) and that is pretty damn sad, and I’m glad it’s doing better.

And all of you giving me the finger because I don’t luuuuuuve little doggies and must hate them because I think this flyer idea is stupid, I gave a dog CPR once and saved it’s life so F*CK YOU.  Unless you have swapped spit with someone else’s dog you are  BELOW ME on loving little doggies.  Pure and simple  There is ME…up here…saving a dogs life with CPR …and you …down here…buying  your dog a sweater.  ( on a side note, I don’t think you are supposed to breath into the victims mouth anymore in between pushing against the chest…you’re just supposed to push against the chest…but whatever the thing lived and I am better than you)

Now then…Who the F*ck are those flyers for?!  Who’s supposed to call the number?   The dog?  The guy beating the dog?  Shall I check the neighbors dog for bruises or ask my dog to keep an ear open when he and the other dogs are talking and alert me if any of the other dogs mention being abused at home?  Or does she think people beat their dogs on the front lawn in broad daylight?  Shall I put my dog to human translator on so I can ask any dogs that appear skittish?  How the f*ck would anyone know that someone else is abusing their own dog?  Do pet abusers just beat their dogs while walking them through the neighborhood like a doggie Baton death march? Maybe this is for the people who didn’t realize setting a dog on fire was bad…and now after reading the flyer the next time they see someone setting a dog on fire they’ll call the police.

By the way…it takes the police half an hour to arrive if you call 911 and tell them you are being murdered, and that’s not because they are lazy…that’s because you are the 30th person in line being murdered…It is summertime in Milwaukee.  It’s very cold here most of the year and we stay indoors then do all our murdering between July and October ( I’m also not making that up) .  So by all means call the police and see if they get there before the dog dies of old age.  Actually…no…do not do that.  Do NOT call 911 because someone is abusing their dog.  Call 911 when it is a life or death emergency.  Do not tie up the GD EMERGENCY PHONE LINE ABOUT A DOG BEING ABUSED.  When you somehow see that you call the human society…they are the people who handle NON HUMAN VIOLENCE.  911 IS FOR HUMANS.

30,000 flyers is what this idiot wants to post across the MKE area, I know because I have heard the interview 30,000 times.  AND she is going to make them look like “lost dog” flyers…well I sure hope nobody ACTUALLY loses their pet while this dumb asshole is littering the city.   I noticed on the website that they only actually put up 700 flyers…which makes me curious about the remaining 23,000 flyers.  Are they sitting in boxes in her garage?  Because that’s a fire hazard. I will also need video tape that they posted 700 flyers in the area they mention because, for those of you not living in Milwaukee,  that is about 70 flyers per square block.

I’ve heard this broads interview enough times to know it by heart, yet have not heard ONCE that half of their playlist is going to be live at a music fest a short drive from here.

I can’t  find the link to the “black professionals meet up”  event but I’ve heard that about a zillion times too. It is a social gathering where black professionals can meet and talk about being black and professional.  I actually described it there LESS asinine than they did.  And by the way, to the  88.9 fm programming  director, I have a little news for you in case you don’t get any reports on your demographics…The only one listening to your radio station who is not white 18-25 and living in a dorm or their mother’s house is ME.  So you might as well read announcements about that “black professionals meet up “event in yiddish for all the good it’s doing being mentioned on your station.

I could go on but I’ll just repost the link to what I am going to be missing because I wasn’t told about it on a college radio station…they could have at least put it on the back of the dog flyers.

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