Don’t bring a lightsaber to a gunfight

See this this guy?

No that’s not the guy from pawn Stars, that’s a guy who was taken down and arrested at Phoenix Comic-con this weekend.  He had on his person several handguns and a shotgun, some knifes and who knows what else.  Depending on where you get your story he was going to shoot the green power ranger or some cops or some such….who the hell knows. You send a reporter into a crowd, that already has their imaginations on full bore, after an incident and start interviewing people about it, you might as well go into the tower of babble with Iron Maiden playing in your headphones for all information you’ll be able to cull.  So who the hell knows what he was really up to, but he was a grown man with a real gun, with live ammunition wandering into a crowd.  Was he dangerous? Was he a kook? I’ll tell you what he is…he is a HERO.

What is a hero? A hero is often someone who sacrifices themselves in some way to save many other people.  A THAT is what this jerk off did, unintentionally, and so to me…that is what he is.

Because his half assed attempt at whatever, has FINALLY gotten these comic-cons to question the wisdom of, in a post 9-11 world, where there is a lone wolf attack on the news every two weeks, of letting grown people enter public massively crowded buildings with weapons (yeah..yeah, they are “props”, I’ll get to that) because they are part of their “costume”.  I haven’t said much publicly about this cosplay weapon carrying before because I didn’t want to give any assholes any ideas…but as long as pandora’s box is open….are you comic-con operators INSANE?  ARE YOU F*CKING HIGH?

Not only do you have a policy of allowing people to bring in weapons, but they get to wear MASKS.  I ask you is that, in any other walk of life a good idea?! To let masked individuals enter a crowded building with a weapon? NO!  and yeah, I get it..they are “props” it’s part of the “costume”.  If I can’t tell what you’re dressed as without the paraphernalia, then your costume sucks.   And who says it’s “prop”?  the glassy eyed “security” person in charge of a line several thousand deep, that looks them over for half a second and then puts a red zip tie on the trigger?  That’s who determines if the “prop” is dangerous or not?  F*CK….YOU…bet YOUR life on that, not MINE.

And I have no interest in hearing any of your bullsh*t about how YOUR prop is okay.  Too f8cking bad. Frankly you people are dangerous as is, every show I go to I risk getting stabbed in the eye with some paper mache sword  by some numbskull who strapped it on his back and isn’t paying attention to were he’s going, or getting VD from some broad dressed as Harely Quinn.  That is dire enough, to those of you who live in happy land and hadn’t considered someone DANGEROUS using this little hobby for mayhem.

Do you watch the news? Do you understand the world we are living in?  What better scenario could you possibly ask for than a big crowd, full of kids, and adults who are…unathletic…where you can not only have a weapon..BUT WEAR A MASK?!  You’re shooting fish in a barrel and off scott free once you leave and take off the Yoda mask.

This asshole probably saved many many MANY lives by getting comic con operators to realize the abject STUPIDITY and IRRESPONSIBILITY  of pandering to these cosplayers to the extent that they can bring in weapons.  Somewhere out there , someone who isn’t an inept imbecile was about to get the idea of mowing down a whole bunch of people at a comic-con.  He or she will have to scrap that idea now…and I for one say a great big THANK YOU…to that dope.

…on a side note, here is the absurdity of the world we live in.  When I go to  a comic-con, I get on a plane. At the airport, for fear of danger, the TSA checks all of our worldly belongings and stares at our naked bodies in a view screen or gives us an anal prob with a metal detecting wand…then I land and go to the con. Which is a building with the population of a small town crammed inside with where any crazy lunatic can enter wearing a mask and carrying a ak47 as long as he spray paints it red and declares it a ray gun.    Can we find a common sense medium?!

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