Missed making a blog last week, because of a case of bronchitis, I was almost dead, but I’m okay now. I’m not sure if it’s contagious and I caught it at MPS Comic-con, but if I did…whoever gave it to me…I’ll see you in hell.
I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but first and foremost right now…The new THE TICK series (Illustrated by me) is available to order!

***how the comic book industry “works” is like this- the Distributor has a catalogue -Previews- that every comic book store gets and orders from.  the Tick is in that catalogue NOW ***
So…NOW is when you should tell your store you want it!
Even the slowest of them should know who publishes The Tick, but is case they don’t -THE TICK is published by NEW ENGLAND COMICS.

There are alternative covers…I’m not sure how you get those…give me a break, my fever was 103 like two days ago.

Below is links to online stores you can order it from if you don’t have a local comic book store.  and links to the Previews catalogue and a screen capture with all the info any store could possibly need.

LATER THIS WEEK…progress shots of some the pages from this first issue (gotta get an okay from the publisher first)…Here’s just a taste….


alternative cover by…ME




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