The culture of “suck it up”




“The culture of suck it up”



I hear politicians say a lot of things…and I have at some point reached the age where…frankly I just don’t give a rats ass. Gay Marriage, abortion, health care…I don’t care anymore. I don’t. And it’s not worth my time to give an opinion on it because the first four comments will inevitably be about a shadow government anyway. Whatever, you 300 million idiots can do whatever you want, at the pace the government moves, I’ll be dead or living in blissful dementia before any unsavory changes take root anyway.

BUT, I heard the president say something today, that I have to rant about lest I lose my mind.

In speaking about concussions in school sports he said ” we have to move away from the culture of – suck it up-“

THE CULTURE OF “SUCK IT UP” the guy says.

Now…I freely admit whoever is sitting in the oval office has more information at his finger tips on geo global politics, the economy ect ect than I will ever have the time to read or the clearance to see. But the culture…not one president since Teddy Roosevelt has any earthly idea what is going on in the culture. This guy can’t even eat his own food before it’s tested by the secret service. A term and a half in abject seclusion, mired by problems the rest of us don’t even have an inkling exist and he want to speak about the “culture”?

The “culture of suck it up”?!

Let me tell you something Mr. President, because I believe you are genuinely unaware…this generation of kids from age now to about 22 ( yes I am old…I am calling 22 year olds “kids”) Is the most coddled, pampered, bunch of wet ends to ever be forcibly pulled out of their mothers crotch while grasping at the walls of the birth canal for dear life out of fear they may actually have to breathe on their own. This is a generation that not only doesn’t get spanked, but who’s “self esteem” is treated with such kid gloves that they kill themselves over mean Facebook posts.  Or kill other people over Facebook posts…and when they DO…people blame the FACEBOOK POSTS.  Even after they commit  acts of delusional violence due to not being kissed on the forehead and told they are special by every living thing that walks or crawls, this “culture” STILL doesn’t blame them.


They pretend to run and play for hours on end via video games instead of actually running and playing.  This is a generation that, by law, is made to wear bicycle helmets before the training wheels are even off.  I have seen a lot of injuries in my day from kids wiping out on their bikes…broken arms, broken collar bones, skinned knees, injured groins from sliding off the seat…NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER SEE A PERSON SITTING UPRIGHT ON A BIKE SOMEHOW FALL IN SUCH A WAY THAT THEY LAND ON THEIR HEAD. NEVER. Right now some asshole in a country of 300 million is thinking  “but this one guy one time I heard about from this mothers against something or other hit his head and got a concussion”. This is the “culture”, one bad thing happens to one person out of 300 million and we all run to change the laws to somehow keep us all alive forever.

This is a culture that straps it’s kids into baby car seats until the age of 10. This is a culture that actually has the balls to declare that a car that is 2000 pounds moving at 65 mph that hits a solid object has to, through technology and science, somehow keep all the occupants from harm or it doesn’t “meet federal safety regulations”. Vehicles in this “culture”  have to defy the laws of physics rather than propel us from point A to point B or we are scared to drive them.

This is a culture that gives everyone a trophy for anything they “participate” in lest their “self-esteem” be injured. Everything they do is okay, everything they say needs to be heard, every one of them is special, and if anyone tells them otherwise then THAT person is the bad guy. This is a generation of self absorbed, narcissistic, coddled, a-holes, who are told they are special the moment the placenta is cleaned out of their ears until they finally leave their parents care at age 30…to go forth into the world completely unprepared for any adversity what so ever. AND the few…the tiny tiny few, who actually weathered the debilitating storm of ego nurturing by “the culture” and play a sports hard enough to accidentally injure themselves are being told not to play so hard.


 Isn’t this guys wife’s whole deal that kids should exercise more?…exercise but don’t touch each other or anything else…just run in place.

I don’t think I’ve EVER heard a more absurd statement by a politician then we are living in a culture of “suck it up”.   Because, if we WERE living in a culture of “suck it up” THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD WOULDN’T BE SPENDING HIS TIME WORRIED ABOUT WHAT KID GOT A CONCUSSION PLAYING FOOTBALL WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER KIDS.

It is my assertion that a concussion…no..several concussions…to the point of going through life in a dull haze may be the best thing that can happen to someone at this point, because they will be able to live out their lives in ignorant bliss as it becomes illegal to disagree with someone out loud because they might start to cry. Municipal violations will be handed out for even being in the vicinity of someone crying because it was your duty as a human being to run up and kiss their forehead and stand in between them and the figure of mental stress. The only legal defense would be if the plastic protective bubble you are, by law, forced to roll around in was defective and didn’t let you open it in time to hug the traumatized person before the tears started.

You can’t call fat people fat, even though they are on the verge of a heart attack every time they open a soda can…of course they have to sneak that soda can in from home because they have removed vending machines from schools…to protect the kids from diabetes. You can’t call skinny people skinny, you can’t call slow people slow, “retarded” has long been changed to “special” even though “retarded” is a medical term. They are going to have to change that again since “special” is what we ALL are now. You can’t get a trophy bigger than someone elses, grades have been reduced to some indecipherable code because no one want’s a “D”.  Second hand smoke is now viewed with the same fear as cyclone B…and right now someone is trying to get this blog removed because somehow saying cyclone B is anti semetic.


 Any whimper, bad behavior, or acting out is responded to not with calm or stern rebuke, but with the drug of the month.  Soon the drugs won’t be able to be called “drugs” because of a “stigma” and we’ll all have to take them so the ones who have been prescribed them won’t feel singled out.

Speaking of drugs, this is a generation that is spending actual time and effort to legalize pot…rather than just smoke pot illegally like all the generations before them, and use that precious time trying to figure out how to succeed. A determining issue for these people is whether or not they can smoke pot…hey numbskull…you CAN, just don’t get caught. What a foreign concept…doing something that the government and society might not pat you on the head for. They don’t just want to get stoned…they want to get stoned and have everyone tell them it’s okay, because they can’t seem to function at all without constant reassurance. In my entire time on this planet I don’t think I would have ever had any trouble getting pot and smoking it, this is the first generation to really care if it was illegal or not. because they can’t handle doing anything unless someone tells them it’s okay and they’re okay.

The FEW of you under 30 who actually have a spine, and realize you aren’t special are going to be able to rule the world, because your competition is grown up two-year olds inserting their food into a machine that chews it for them so that there is no safely issues  from large chunks of food choking possibly them. That’s IF you want to rule such a world.

If you actually want to be in charge of a world with vending machines that dispenses prosthetic breasts so that at any point in the day a trauma victim of -not being patted on the head- can nurse his or herself back from depression by pretending he or she is still nursing at his or her mother’s tit.


 If you want to rule such a world it would be easy. Einstein said that world war three would be fought with sticks and stones…more likely it will be fought and won with a single Facebook post that shakes the will to live from all who read it. It will say “you are not special and we are all going to die.”

That will be the phrase that destroys the will to resist in the children brought up in this “culture of suck it up”.


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