once more with feeling- Arsenic Lullaby on Comedy Central’s TRIPTANK

Okay, brief recap.  The studio behind TRIPTANK approached me a while ago to pitch ideas for their new animated series.  I sent them a few, the picked one, I wrote the script and they took it from there.

Now, I know you are anxious to see it and be entertained, and excited for your favorite dark humor comic to be on the small screen…and some of you are waiting with bated breath to complain that it is different from the comic ( which is the new past time for comic fans when a comic gets adapted for a different medium).  So, here is the link to the A.L. short.  It is available online until the next episode  which is Wednesday at 10:30 est.


Watch it, and share it.  Everyone who is my friend on FB who shares is entered into a sweepstake to get an autographed copy of the issue this short is from.

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