Two really great shows coming up (and you know by now that if I say a show is great…then that means the show is GREAT…because if it sucked…I spend at least one blog complaining about it). These next two shows are worth your time and money to go to. 

Along with the usual shirts, books, artwork, ect…I will have sneak preview mini comics of our upcoming issue at each of these shows.  As always, quick sketches, autographs are free.  Anything time consuming will cost you $$$ and if you want me to draw up  something really extravagent than your best off letting me know before the show so I can do it in the peace and quite of my own home and bring it with me to the show…hoping I will have time to draw anything for you in between show hours is folly. 



May 19th-20th

This is one of two our favorite shows, and it should be yours too. why? A murders row of a guets list, lots of room, a top notch art auction and it’s easy to get to. We always have special prices for this con. We may have a discussion panel saturday…more info to come




Phoenix Az

May 24-27th

We tried this show last year and ahd so much fun we are coming back. This is a well run show and a great atmosphere. Will have at least one discussion panel, maybe two. More information as the show gets closer.


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