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Douglas Paszek

The writer and Illustrator of the independent comic book Arsenic Lullaby.

Mike Bobbit

Mike is a comedian from Detroit who recently moved to L.A. to cross swords, and make his bones as a gen-you-wine Hollywood writer.

Dave The Black Guy

Dave is a comedian from Milwaukee, one time comic book store owner, and sometime actor.

Josh Goguen

Josh Goguen is a comedian who has performed in NY, Philly, NC, and a bunch of other places. He is also helped produce the Arsenic Lullaby pilot cartoon, did some of a voice acting.

I’m starting to think maybe some people just like to complain…

Trying a new tool. If you have already subscribed, you do not...

13th Jan

Leaving this mortal coil

You won’t have me to kick around anymore You reach a point...

06th Jan

Making prints and sperm deathing

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if my apartment didn’t look like Charles...

22nd Dec

Krampus print set

Still busy, so this blog’s gonna be light on the charm. Krampus...

18th Dec

Updates, Gifts, and Coloring contest

I’m busy as hell so I’ll just give you the bullet points...

15th Dec

I just spilled a dozen eggs…and here’s some art

 **arseniclullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is Open*** ***STARTING FRIDAY…THE 2ND ANNUAL COLORING CONTEST,...

08th Dec

When I am trying to offend you…trust me, you’ll KNOW IT.

The Arsenic Lullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is OPEN. I purposely use “X-mas”...

04th Dec

get some of my work before I am senile

Coupon code – birthday- is good for 25% off until Nov 25. ...

22nd Nov

If you are under 30 “offensive” shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary

The only thing offensive around here is everything you are missing out...

11th Nov

My Birthday, Comedy Central, and Valiant Ent.

***some of you had trouble viewing this earlier, we fixed the code,...

02nd Nov