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Douglas Paszek

The writer and Illustrator of the independent comic book Arsenic Lullaby.

Mike Bobbit

Mike is a comedian from Detroit who recently moved to L.A. to cross swords, and make his bones as a gen-you-wine Hollywood writer.

Dave The Black Guy

Dave is a comedian from Milwaukee, one time comic book store owner, and sometime actor.

Josh Goguen

Josh Goguen is a comedian who has performed in NY, Philly, NC, and a bunch of other places. He is also helped produce the Arsenic Lullaby pilot cartoon, did some of a voice acting.

For the sake of that show, Rick needs to be the one who dies.

Trying a new tool. If you have already subscribed, you do not...

27th Apr

Last day of plugging

I will resume our regular scheduled blog/ranting/complaining tomorrow, please bear with me...

26th Apr

never assume/new ARSENIC LULLABY BOOK

The two Wizard World shows were fine.  The people running them were...

13th Apr
TDOFpostcard front

The two things that ruined TWD finale for me

How far did you have to chase the mannequin for that leather...

05th Apr

Why exactly did they leave Dr.Strange white?…

  Hey, as long as you are playing racial spin the bottle…...

22nd Mar

Mother Hyrda and… am I a hypocrite?

MOTHER HYDRA THE SEA MONKEY? Every once in awhile I draw something...

14th Mar

Your wasted imagination

You can draw anything you can think of, why aren’t you? I...

14th Mar

Iron Fist was white because…he was, and it don’t need to be any more complicated than that.

“sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” Sigmund Freud The big controversy...

05th Mar
iron fist


You start to reach a certain age and realize that there are...

28th Feb

Valiant Covers and con updates

I must be doing alright on the alternative covers for Valiant (as...

24th Feb