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Douglas Paszek

The writer and Illustrator of the independent comic book Arsenic Lullaby.

Mike Bobbit

Mike is a comedian from Detroit who recently moved to L.A. to cross swords, and make his bones as a gen-you-wine Hollywood writer.

Dave The Black Guy

Dave is a comedian from Milwaukee, one time comic book store owner, and sometime actor.

Josh Goguen

Josh Goguen is a comedian who has performed in NY, Philly, NC, and a bunch of other places. He is also helped produce the Arsenic Lullaby pilot cartoon, did some of a voice acting.

My TWD prediction is…Michonne

This is going to be quick and probably filled with typos, because...

23rd Oct

Luke Cage was awful…part one in a series “Too Black?!”

Luke Cage was a complete mess. It was so Bad it took...

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Gary Reed and a History lesson on Indy publishing

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The key to romance in adult hood

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15th Sep

Hello Jet lag my old friend

I have three more convention appearances slated this year… r.e. Three more...

06th Sep

My name’s not “dogg” it’s MR.Paszkiewicz

Big Timing- Passive aggressively pointing out that you are more important than...

13th Aug

I need a minute to get my arms around this thing.

See that that up there? Those are stats on viewers of this...

13th Aug

This a-hole wants how much?

Since, it would be legally impertinent, to rant about what I’d like...

12th Aug

The road back from Comic-Con International

Jack didn’t make it over the candlestick this time At the battle...

29th Jul

Comic Con International part 3- the floor plan

You’re Gonna need a plan Comic-Con International…is HUGE.  About 7 city blocks...

14th Jul